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Heia! My name is Vanessa and I'm deeply in love with the North!

vanessa brune

Originally from Germany, I've spent 3 years living in Tromsø in Northern Norway pursuing a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Northern & Indigenous Studies, as well as working with digital marketing. In 2017 then, I moved to Stavanger on Norway's west coast to be able to travel more often. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few months after the move, but I’m determined to not let the illness stop me from travelling!

When I don’t create content for my blog and YouTube channel, I’m busy freelancing as a writer and social media manager, and also work as a tour guide in Stavanger during the summer.

I love exploring what Northern Europe - and especially the Nordics and Arctic - have to offer and so far, have made my way to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Scotland, Ireland, and even Greenland

As much as I love Northern Europe though, I'm not a fan of romanticising the region and thus, am keeping it real on this blog. What you can expect from this space is therefore no BS travel advice, honest expat anectodes and insider insights - usually once week on the blog and as often as I can on Youtube!

Manchmal auch auf Deutsch! // Iblant også på norsk!

If you're a new reader, scroll down to read all about how I ended up living in Norway, and browse my blog for more information and stories from the Nordics, the Baltics and the UK/Ireland.

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If you're planning on moving to or just visiting Tromsø, make sure to check out my FAQ page or download my guidebook to Tromsø - and if you're interested in other Nordic destinations, check out my travel guides and wallpapers here or have a look at my destinations overview here.

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I’m always astounded by your beautiful photos and how you find cities I never heard of before, but now want to visit.
— Sarah from the US

The Background Story:

I'm from a small town in Germany and have always dreamt about moving to Scandinavia. I spent three years learning Swedish during undergrad studies and embarked on my first solo trip to the North right after graduation. I spent a month volunteering at a guest house in the northernmost village of Europe, visited the North Cape and came to Tromsø for the first time.

During that year, I also spent a month in Stockholm doing another Swedish course, and went on a trip exploring Southern Scandinavia before deciding to move to Tromsø for grad studies.

vanessa brune

In August 2014, I then made the move to the Arctic. I studied Northern and Indigenous Studies and in 2015 got the chance to visit Greenland and Iceland for my fieldwork, as well as spending a month in Copenhagen - my favourite city in the Nordics!

I also fell in love during my studies. My boyfriend Simon is half-Norwegian, half-Swedish and 100% Sami.

After 3 years in Tromsø, it was time for a change and I've decided to embark on another adventure - together with Simon this time - so we moved to Stavanger in Southern Norway in 2017.

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Fun Facts about me:

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  • My boyfriend Simon is half-Norwegian and half-Swedish and comes from a reindeer herding Sami family. We switch between speaking Norwegian, English and German every day

  • I hold a BA in English Literature, Culture and Media, as well as Northern Studies and Social Science.

  • I also graduated UiT - The Arctic University of Norway with an MPhil in Indigenous Studies in 2016

  • I wrote my MPhil thesis on Inuit culture in museums and art institutions in Greenland and Denmark

  • I overcame my fear of flying on a tiny plane crossing the North Atlantic between Iceland and Greenland and was totally afraid of dying on the ice cap before going on that trip...

  • My favourite Nordic country is Greenland and my favourite Nordic city is Copenhagen

  • My favourite season in the Arctic is late winter/early spring when the sun is back for good

  • I work with digital marketing and have a passion for writing, photography and videography - and can also be hired to help you with content creation and marketing!