Where the Hipsters live - A neighbourhood guide to Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm lies in the south of Stockholm and is known as the hipster neighbourhood. Stockholmers themselves just call this neighbourhood Söder or Sofo (south of the street Folkungagatan, which supossedly marks the beginning of the hip area).

So, of course you can expect to see crazy looking people and brave fashion choices here.

guide to södermalm stockholm sweden
guide to södermalm stockholm sweden


Personally I felt a little bit overwhelmed when I was in the heart of Södermalm because everyone was so cool and self-conscious - characteristics I wouldn't describe myself with. But I have to admit you can find some really cute vintage stores there.

I love second hand stores and Beyond Retro is my favourite. On my first visit to Stockholm I visited this chain in Södermalm and was immediately a fan.

On my last visit I went to Beyond Retro in the city centre though but bought even more items than on my first visit. You can find this store in London and Brighton too and although I've never been there, I'm pretty sure they are situated in the hip parts of the two cities as well!

Anyway, Södermalm is not only about fashion! You can find museums, sights, viewpoints and much else there too.

guide to södermalm stockholm sweden


Museums in södermalm:

  • Stockholm City Museum

Sights in södermalm:

  • Katarinahissen, the elevator you can take to get to the higher areas of Södermalm
  • Slussen, where Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea meet
  • Sofia Kyrka, the Sofia Church
  • the Victoria Cinema, built in the 1930s
guide to södermalm stockholm sweden


guide to södermalm stockholm sweden

Victoria Cinema

Viewpoints in södermalm:

  • Skinnarviksberget, my second favourite place in Stockholm
guide to södermalm stockholm sweden

Fun facts about södermalm:

  • Södermalm was a working class area once and you can still see many old working class cottages
  • what was once known as the slums of Stockholm is becoming more and more popular and expensive
  • Greta Garbo grew up in Södermalm
  • almost 100000 people live in Södermalm which makes it one of the most densely populated areas in Sweden
guide to södermalm stockholm sweden

Old Cottage in Södermalm

Hotels in södermalm:

guide to södermalm stockholm sweden


Restaurants in södermalm:

  • Restaurang Gondolen, take the elevator at Slussen and enjoy the view over Stockholm with your meal

How to get to södermalm:

  • take the green line: metro 17 (towards Skarpnäck) / metro 18 (towards Farsta) / or metro 19 (towards Hagsätra)
  • stop at: Slussen or Medborgarplatsen


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