Stockholm's 6 best viewpoints to check out when you're visiting

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I just love to take pictures of cities from above! So naturally, I tried to visit every possible viewpoint while I spent a month in Stockholm learning Swedish this year. This post lists the 6 best viewpoints in Stockholm!


best viewpoints in stockholm globen

Globen is a newly built event hall where you can either attend a Mando Dia concert or watch an innebandy game (for everyone who is not familiar with innebandy: it is the Swedish version of hockey). However that is not all.

The area around Globen was also remodelled a few years ago and you can now shop till you drop in the nearby shopping mall. Don’t forget to eat an ice-cream at Ben&Jerry’s while you are there and if that is not adventurous enough for you, then how about Skyview?

You can get to the top of the Globe Arena with a special gondola made of glass. The company says that you will have a wonderful view on the city centre of Stockholm once you made it to the top. I can't confirm that as I never went up there.

I really wanted to go.....until I saw the Swedish news in my second week in Stockholm. Apparently the gondola got stuck and the people in it reported they were afraid of dying in there. So naturally I passed. But if you're more adventurous than me, check it out and share your pictures with me. I'd love to know what it's like!



best viewpoints in stockholm kaknästornet

Kaknästornet is the TV tower of Stockholm and also the highest building in Sweden. It was opened in 1967 and is 155 metres (30 floors) high. For an entrance fee of 6€ you have access to the elevator that brings you to the top of the tower.

There you have a stunning view on Stockholm and its surroundings.

After you took dozens of pictures, have lunch or a cup of tea in the restaurant where you can enjoy the view while you are eating. I really enjoyed my stay there although I have to admit the fence was a bit annoying considering that I had to take pictures through it but I get that safety comes first!

best viewpoints in stockholm kaknästornet
best viewpoints in stockholm kaknästornet


This is my favourite place in Stockholm. Located in Södermalm, this hill offers you a free and absolutely wonderful view on the city centre.

best viewpoints in stockholm skinnarviksberget

It is where Stockholmers go to on summer evenings to drink, barbecue and just have a good time. It also is a hidden gem that most tourists simply do not know of.

So, if you are on a budget, this is the place to go! Apart from the hill, there are also a few footpaths nearby where you can enjoy the woods and a view on the waterside that is just stunning!

best viewpoints in stockholm skinnarviksberget
best viewpoints in stockholm skinnarviksberget


This is the town hall of Stockholm and the place where the nobel prize is handed out each year. You can take a guided tour through the building and for an entrance fee of 4€ you can also visit the tower.

best viewpoints in stockholm stadshuset

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it, although I would have loved to, as the tower is only accessible from May to September. No idea why that is though if anyone has been to the top of Stockholm’s town hall, tell me know how it was!


Katarinahissen at Slussen

best viewpoints in stockholm katarinahissen slussen

Slussen is where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. Right above that there is a viewing platform and a restaurant that can be accessed through an elevator. It’s quite confusing though and I never made it there.

First I searched for the entrance to the elevator as there is no sign anywhere and then when I finally discovered the entrance, I didn’t have the guts to go in. It was full of graffiti and didn’t look exactly safe so again I passed. I’m not that adventurous and as I was travelling alone, I didn’t want to get stuck in there all by myself.

But again if anyone was brave enough, tell me about it!


Skansen Open Air Museum

best viewpoints in stockholm skansen

Skansen is an open air museum that shows Swedish architecture and culture from the past to the present. There also is an animal park where you can see Swedish animal species like reindeers and elks.

Skansen is built on a hill on Djurgarden and you have a pretty amazing view on Stockholm from there.

best viewpoints in stockholm skansen


Have you ever been to any of these viewpoints in Stockholm? Which one is your favourite?

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