All you need to know about Fjellheisen, Tromsø

fjellheisen tromsø

You've probably already heard about the cable car and seen pictures of the mountain Storsteinen. Basically every picture you've seen so far on my blog that shows you a mountain in Tromsø that's covered in snow was taken on top of that mountain and I got there by taking the cable car.

It's called Fjellheisen and although most people equal the mountain with the cable car, it's not exactly the same. Fjellheisen means "mountain elevator" and Storsteinen means "big mountain" so no, the mountain itself is not called Fjellheisen. The storsteinen however is about 400 metres high and although that doesn't sound very high, I can assure you, it is - especially if you're afraid of heights.

 The cable car ride only takes 4 minutes and the whole time I looked at my camera display, filming the ride, unable to look away from the display as that would have meant to actually see the distance to the ground. It was a little shaky and I was glad that every car was escorted by a staff member, as I was the only one going up at noon on a sunny November day.

fjellheisen tromsø

The views however definitely made up for my fear and as you've already seen the pictures of Tromsø from above, I wanted to focus on pictures from the cable car itself in this post.

fjellheisen tromsø

The ride costs 110 NOK if you're a student and 140 NOK if you're not (roundtrip). You can also hike to get to the top of the mountain but I would need to increase my stamina a lot before I'll be able to do that. Once you're done enjoying the view (or better: once you start freezing) you can visit the Fjellstua cafe where you have an amazing view on the city while drinking coffee.

I can only recommend the cable car ride for anyone visiting Tromsø, even if it's a little expensive, as the views are just stunning. I would love to take the cable car again when it's dark and during midnight sun season as these times seem to offer pretty amazing views too.