G - Grotfjord | ABC's of Tromso

I know, I know - I skipped E and F. I just couldn't think about anything so today it's already about G as in Grotfjord. Grotfjord is a fjord about an hour from Tromso on the island Kvaloya (the whale island) that we visited during our international freshers week at uni. It's an absolutely beautiful place, mainly because of the beach and as far as I understood, many people go there in the summer when the beach in the city is crowded. The little village itself consists of about 20 houses so it's really small and remote and reminded me a lot of Gamvik although the latter was of course a little bigger.

We spent a whole day in Grotfjord and had the choice between hiking in the mountains and fishing on a boat. I chose to go fishing as I haven't done it before and as it seemed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity as we can always go hiking on our own in Tromso. Turned out it was the right choice and although I didn't catch a fish myself (I was busy trying not to kill anyone with the pole) it was a lot of fun (although really bloody) and the fish the others caught was just delicious. I've never eaten such fresh fish before nor did I have a clue how makrels look like so I'm really glad I went on the fishing trip!

After barbecuing we spend some time at the beach (some crazy people even went into the ocean - after visiting the sauna and the whirlpool of course as it was like 10 degrees outside) and each country had to present itself. I'll write a more detailed post on the trip on a Thursday. For now you only need to know that you can cycle to the fjord in summer (if you're one of those crazy sports people) or just take the car. It's a beautiful place and if you spend one or two weeks in Tromso in the summer I would definitely recommend you to spend a day there!

Have you ever visited a fjord? Which is your favourite one?