Highlights of Gothenburg

Happy Travel Tuesday!! My Scandinavian Roadtrip continues today and after Oslo I went to Gothenburg. I only spend one day in the city and one day out in the archipelago and I really regret not staying there longer. I absolutely want to visit the city again as it's so beautiful and less crowded and touristy than Oslo. So for today's post I decided to share my personal highlights of Gothenburg with you!

1. The City Centre (of course)

2. The "Lipstick" tower and the harbour

3. The canal cruise

4. Strolling through the neighbourhood "Haga"

5. The Maritime Museum

Of course the archipelago is a highlight of Gothenburg too but worth its own post. Also I haven't been to Liseberg as I'm not into rollercoasters at all but I can see how this amusement park can be a highlight of Gothenburg for many!Next week I'm taking you to Gothenburg properly and tell you what I experienced during my 24 hours in this city!

Have you been to Gothenburg? What were your highlights?

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