24 Hours in Gothenburg - Another Sunburn, a Bump and Fish & Chips

Happy Travel Tuesday! So glad to be back to finally share my time in Gothenburg with you!

I visited the city on my Scandinavian Roadtrip in June for the first time and honestly, I didn't expect much. I thought of Gothenburg as an industrial city, not worth spending more than a day in. I WAS SO WRONG!

Gothenburg is a wonderful city and completely blew my mind! I definitely regret not having stayed there longer and will absolutely come back some day! Overall I stayed there three nights, spending my first evening at my accommodation as I was exhausted from the journey, and spending my last day out in the archipelago which left me with only one full day in the city itself.

Gothenburg isn't exactly big and can easily be explored in 24 hours. It also is a very calm city, way less crowded than Oslo which was a nice change after I spend 4 days there.

I started my day with a boat sightseeing trip which may sound incredibly tacky but believe me, it's a great way to see the most important sights and get an overview of the city. We toured the canal in the city centre first and then went on to see the harbour, the Maritime Museum and the Lipstick Tower before heading back.

If I remember right, the tour took only about an hour so it was only noon when we got back. I decided to tour the city centre again on foot to make a few more pictures and then went on to the neighbourhood Haga, which is the oldest part of Gothenburg. It consists of cute little alleyways with old wooden houses, cornershops and many cafes so naturally I had lunch in one of them.

After that I headed to the Museum of World Culture which is situated right next to the amusement park Liseberg. It somehow belongs to the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm which I absolutely loved when I was there so I expected the same of this one. Unfortunately it wasn't as great. There were only four exhibitions, one for children and one for which you had to pay extra which I didn't so I only visited two exhibitions. However the photo exhibition on modern day Africa was amazing! And the entrance fee was only about 45SEK so I absolutely don't regret my visit!

Next to the Museum of World Culture you can also find the Universeum which is a natural science museum. So if you're into museums or amusement parks, this area of Gothenburg is the right place for you and you can easily spend half (or even a whole?) day there. You can easily reach this area from the Central Station by tram within about 15mins or by just walking up Kungsportsavenyn, the famous boulevard of Gothenburg where you can find all sorts of expensive clothes and jewelry stores - I didn't spend much time there.

I was a lot more interested in the Maritime Museum (or Maritiman) where I headed to next. This museum consists of 10-20 ships and vessels which you can all visit as they're docked right next to each other in the harbour. I don't think that all ships were there or open when I visited so maybe a few of them were under construction. However it was a great experience and the submarine was the absolute highlight.

I have to admit, it was a little scary and I almost didn't want to enter it but there was a little boy in line before me who was crying and afraid so his father asked me if I wanted to enter it first. The pressure was on! I couldn't say no and act like that boy, could I?

So I tried to climb down the ladder and almost got stuck with my bagpack and then on the way out I bumped my head. Ouch! It's cool to be able to say you've been in a submarine though so I decided to reward myself with some fish & chips in the museum restaurant which of course, also is situated on a boat. Believe me, I never had more delicious fish & chips before and the view from the terrace on deck was just amazing. In fact I stayed there so long that I got a sunburn....

yes I had to go through that tiny hole - let's just say submarines are not built for clumsy people....

I'm pretty sure you can spend your evening in one of the many bars of the city centre but of course I don't visit bars when I'm travelling solo. So I headed back to my accommodation, which was awesome by the way as I had my own balcony and my own TV - it almost felt like a hotel so if you want to visit Gothenburg, check out the room here - and collapsed into bed. Again. All this running around and the sea air made me so tired! But nonetheless, I had an amazing day in Gothenburg and will definitely visit the city again!!

Is there a city that completely surprised you?