An Evening at the Beach

I know, it was quite wintery on my blog on Tuesday and today it's summer over here again (on the blog, not in Tromso itself though). I'm so behind on blogging about my life in the Arctic but this will change soon. Although I introduced a new schedule recently, I'm not really satisfied with it and therefore I'll try to post again every Thursday and every second Tuesday and Sunday. I feel like you as readers are behind on my life as an expat and I would love to write just random posts about crappy or wonderful weeks but my schedule kept me from it so far. But if I'll post again every Thursday, we'll get to that point soon.....I hope!

So today I would like to write about my very first Sunday as an expat living in Tromso and my very first time visiting the beach (which soon became my favourite spot in the city apart from mountain Storsteinen). After a few very busy days during the introduction week for international students, which is a topic that deserves its own post, I decided to head to the beach on a lovely, sunny Sunday evening with two German girls I met a couple of days earlier.

We visited Telegrafbukta which is THE beach of Tromso. This basically means that this is the hotspot for everyone in the summer and I myself experienced a few barbecues there later on. The view from there over to the island Kvaloya is just amazing and also as it's situated near the airport, you can watch planes starting and landing there as they fly right over your head. And not to forget, you can also watch the Hurtigruten cruise ship on its way to Tromso harbour every day at about 2.15pm. Or, if you're a little bit more superficial, you can just enjoy the sight of cute Norwegian boys (respectively girls) playing volleyball......

Anyway....we not only visited the beach but also walked up to the southern tip of Tromso island (Sydspissen) from there and had just the best time ever. The views were plain gorgeous and we were really lucky with the weather. But I don't want to keep you on tenterhooks, here are the most beautiful pictures of that evening and believe me, I had a hard time choosing them!

Do you live near the ocean? Hands up if you enjoy evening walks on the beach as much as I do!