The First Snow Of The Season

I know, I know - I wasn't supposed to blog today but sometimes you just have to forget about your schedule when something big happens and something big happened yesterday: IT SNOWED!!!!

I probably shouldn't be as surprised considering that I live in the Arctic (69° North) now but so far it didn't really seem arctic. During those 5 weeks that I live here now, I only really felt like being in the Arctic a couple of times. This mainly has to do with me living on campus and being really busy with university so that I can't go out and enjoy the scenery as much as I want to. But with the snow yesterday it definitely felt arctic again.

I mean, snow in September is just really unusual for me as in my little corner of Germany we have to wait until late November to get some snow and those grey, rainy autumn days until it finally snows are just the worst. Therefore I'm really glad for the weather here although I know that the snow will melt again and that this causes slippery streets which probably results in me getting some bruises when I slip and fall.

Anyway, I've always loved snow and always get excited when it snows so yesterday was quite a happy day for me. Also I had my appointment at the police station yesterday to register myself in Norway and also managed to go to the tax office to apply for my Norwegian social security number.

So I'm officially a resident of Norway now and as soon as my social security number arrives in the mail, I'm finally able to open a bank account, get a phone plan and just do whatever it is regular Norwegians do. So exciting! And this whole procedure only took me about two hours! I'm really glad that I'm a EU citizen and don't have to deal with visa applications!

Definitely a great day for me and of course I took some pictures of the first snow that you can enjoy now!

Even my crappy student hostel looks charming in snow....well, a little at least

Are you ready for winter yet?