Highlights of Malmö

Malmö was the last stop on my Scandinavian Roadtrip and I spend about a week there. My parents came over to Sweden and we met there to explore the city together as it was also my birthday on departure day. It was the second time I visited Malmö and still love the city.

I mean yes, it's not as beautiful as Stockholm and also doesn't have an archipelago like Gothenborg does but it's a charming city nonetheless. I particularly like Malmö because of the Öresund, the strait that separates Malmö from Copenhagen and Denmark from Sweden.

I just love the Öresund bridge and I love the beach......and I'm fast forwarding again. So without further ado, let me present you my highlights of Malmö today!




The Old Town

Turning Torso

Malmöhus Slott


Folkets Park


I have a few more Malmö posts planned so stay tuned to find out more about this place!

Have you ever been to Malmö? What's your favourite spot there?