A Stroll Through Malmö

Roadtrippin Scandinavia is back!! I know, it's been an incredibly long time since I last wrote a proper Travel Tuesday post and even longer since I wrote about my roadtrip last summer. However if you're new to this series, you can find all my past posts of this trip here. Before going on a break from this series, I last blogged about spending Midsummer in Malmö and we're staying in that lovely city today.

Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden and only a half hour car ride from Copenhagen. It is the most international city of Sweden and it's very young and alternative. That's of course why I love the city so much! Anyhow, I want to take you on a little tour around town today!

If you're visiting Malmö on a day trip from Copenhagen (which I can only recommend you to do), you'll arrive at the train station which basically is in the heart of the city and therefore our starting point. From there it's only a 2 minute walk to the old town of Malmö which is characterised by old half-timbered houses and the big as well as the little market place (Stortorget and Lilla Torg).

Especially around Lilla Torg you can find a lot of restaurants and bars and despite it being the "tourist area" of the city, we found an Italian restaurant right on the town square that did not only offer delicious pizzas but also moderate prices. Another highlight for anyone loving British food is the English shop around the corner of Lilla Torg (I know, who goes to Malmö, Sweden, to buy BRITISH food.... but what can I say, I love everything English).

If you're into shopping, just follow Södergatan, the main shopping mile, which leads you right to Gustav Adolfs Torg - another town square (Malmö has a lot of those). A few hundred meters from Gustav Adolfs Torg is the little canal Södra Förstadskanalen which is a lovely place in summer. You can rent a paddleboat there or just sit at the waterside and enjoy an ice-cream. Across the canal is where Scandic Hotel Malmö City is situated and I stayed there during my very first visit to Malmö many many years ago. I love the Scandic chain in general and the one in Malmö did not disappoint!

If you can't get enough of Swedish fashion, the shopping mile continues across the canal on Södra Förstadsgatan and ends at Triangeln, a huge shopping mall. Once there you have two options: visit Möllevången, the hippest neighbourhood of the city, or visit Pildammsparken, a huge park situated at a lake. Now I did enjoy Pildammsparken but I enjoyed Folkets Park in Möllevången even more. I mentioned this before, but even though I couldn't identity myself very much with the hipsters that I lived with in Möllevången, I do like that part of town somehow. Nobody stared at me for having pink hair there which definitely made me feel like I fit in. Plus you can get vegetarian and vegan food everywhere.

If you decide to explore Möllevången, the street Admiralsgatan brings you back into the city centre where you shouldn't miss out on Slottsparken (I know, another park? Malmö definitely has a lot of town squares and parks but that's what makes the city so lovely). In Slottsparken (the Castle park) you can find the library, another canal, another lake and of course Malmöhus castle. Now it might not look like a castle but it's supposed to be one...

I remember countless hours of sun-bathing in Slottsparken and it's one of my favourite parts of the city. From there it's only a 15 mins walk to the beach Ribbersborg Stranden which is my absolute favourite part. They have this lovely bath house there and you have an awesome view on the Turning Torso tower and the Öresund bridge.

And if all this hanging out in parks and walking around town hasn't been enough for you, follow the road along the beach to either Limhamn, which once was a lovely little fishermen's village that hasn't lost its charm at all or to Turning Torso. You can't go inside the tower though as it's an apartment building so I recommend you to go to Limhamn (or just take the bus). Limhamn's yacht harbour is absolutely beautiful and the best spot for capturing the Öresund bridge!

I guess that's everything you need to know about Malmö. Don't miss out on:

- Old Town

- Slottsparken and Malmöhus Castle

- Ribbersborg Stranden

- Limhamn

- Möllevången and Folkets Park

Malmö is a pretty laid-back town and the perfect destination if you want to spend a relaxing weekend somewhere off the beaten path. It also makes the perfect day trip destination if you're staying in Copenhagen and after a couple of days in Denmark's capital, you will enjoy the calmness of Malmö.

Have you ever been to Malmö or any other non-touristy city in Sweden? What did you enjoy most?