Charming Lund in Southern Sweden

Continuing with my roadtrip through Southern Scandinavia one day late today as life totally got in the way this weekend. But as I promised, things are back to normal on this blog and you'll not only get to read a travel but also a Tromso post this week!

Today however I'd like to present you the charming little town of Lund in Southern Sweden. I visited the town on a day trip from Malmö and originally wanted to write a "24 hours in Lund" post. But then I noticed that I took way too many pictures that day so I'll divide my Lund trip into two parts: some general facts and pictures of the town today and then a trip to the town's open air museum next week.

Lund is a 20 minute train ride away from Malmö, situated in the countryside of Southern Sweden. It was founded in medieval times and the town still is characterized by medieval architecture. That alone would be reason enough to visit the town but it offers so much more. For example the beautiful cathedral right in the center of town, the university that was founded in 1666 and today is one of the most prestigious universities in the whole of Scandinavia, and of course Kulturen, the open air museum that I'll present next week.

If you arrive in Lund by train, you'll find yourself basically in the heart of town upon arrival. As soon as you leave the train station you're greeted by cobblestone streets and little alleyways and there's no chance that you won't fall in love with the town immediately. Now if you want to visit the Cathedral and the open air museum, all you have to do is walk straight ahead. You really can't get lost in Lund and if you do, you'll just land in another beautiful alleyway so it'll be worth it!

If the weather is good, you can easily just spend your day wandering around town and exploring the many parks that are situated in Lund. If it's not, make sure to check out the Cathedral's catacombs, the open-air museum (which is not completely open-air) or just head into one of the many cafe's and pubs.

We had a fantastic day in Lund and it makes a great day trip if you're staying in the Öresund area.

Have you ever been to Lund? What did you enjoy the most about the town?