Photo Essay: Öresund - Borderland of Sweden and Denmark

I intended to write about my trip to Lund today but I'm incredibly busy at uni at the moment (I know, what a surprise!) so a photo essay will have to do for Travel Tuesday this week. I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless as I'm really proud of these pictures and they just deserved their own post. If you've never heard of the Öresund before, it's the strait between Sweden and Denmark and therefore the area around Copenhagen and Malmö is called Öresund region. Of course that's also how the Öresund bridge got its name. It's become a very important region, economically and socially, since the bridge has been built as it makes business and life of Swedes in Denmark and Danes in Sweden so much easier.

The area is of course characterized by the ocean and that's why this photo essay is very maritime. However you can also find a lot of farming and those typical South Scandinavian, flat corn fields and red farmhouses in the areas inland. I didn't capture them though, mainly because I've seen enough farms during my childhood in the middle of nowhere, Germany. It's the ocean that fascinates me!

All pictures were taken in or around Malmö.

What's your favourite picture? And did I manage to make you re-think your summer holiday destination? Heading to Malmö now?