24 Hours in Copenhagen

I visited Copenhagen on a day trip last June for the second time and it was amazing. Copenhagen is a city that you cannot not love and I can't wait to head over there again this summer!

Now, a lot has been said about Copenhagen in the blogosphere so if you're looking for restaurant and museum recommendations, head somewhere else for now. I'll try to provide those next time I'm in the city but this post purely is meant to be a guide on how to spend 24 hours in Denmark's capital as that's what I did (two times). Also, you know that I had difficulties wrapping up my Lund trip in one post so you can imagine how hard it is to write about Copenhagen in only post. I will therefore split this up and tell you all about the boat sightseeing trip in Copenhagen on Thursday.

I started my day in the city at the Central Station (as I stayed in Malmö) which is a pretty good starting point as Tivoli, Christiansborg Castle and the shopping mile Stroget are literally around the corner! All in all I checked out Christiansborg Castle, Nyhavn, Amalienborg Castle, the Little Mermaid and Kastellet Park that day plus went on a boat trip and I was pretty exhausted that evening. But to make things easier for you, here's a little map with all the important attractions:

I could have visited Rosenborg Castle, the Botanical Gardens, Tivoli, Christiania and Stroget as well but I visited the latter on my first visit and was too exhausted for the rest so I'll check these out on my upcoming trip. Kastellet was my last stop for the day and I hopped right back on the train at the nearby station Osterport from which you can also go directly to the airport in case you visit the city on a layover and are desperate to check out the little mermaid.

1. Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Castle is a mere 10 minutes away from the Central Station and is the residence of the Danish parliament. The original castle was built in the 12th century but burned down. The current castle was built in the early 20th century.

 2. Nyhavn & Boat Sightseeing

Nyhavn (new harbour) really is the old harbour and THE tourist neighbourhood of Copenhagen. You can get there by foot within 20-25 minutes from the Central Station. It is where all the finest and most expensive restaurants are situated and where you can find crowds of tourists every day. It also is the starting point of boat sightseeing trips which I will tell you more about on Thursday.

3. Amalienborg Castle & The Mable Church

Amalienborg Castle (just a couple hundred metres from Nyhavn) was built in the 18th century and is the winter residence of the Royal Family. You can also find a museum there that displays private artefacts of the Royal Family.

The Mable Church was built in the 18th century as well and really is called Frederiks Church.

 4. The Little Mermaid & Kastellet

If you walk from Amalienborg Castle to see the little mermaid (takes about half an hour), you'll end up in a beautiful park right next to the waterside.

The Little Mermaid, as most important sight of Copenhagen, is always a very crowded spot and you need some patience if you want to take a picture of it as there most likely will be 100 Japanese tourists who won't allow you to take a picture before they did.

Kastellet was a star fortress once but now is a park right next to the little mermaid so if you can't handle the crowds there, you can always escape to that green oasis nearby.

 So sorry for this picture overload! But then again, it's so difficult to take bad pictures of Copenhagen! As you can see, the city is pretty walkable and you can find nice spots to relax and have a picknick pretty much anywhere. If you have energy left after this little itinerary you could walk to Rosenborg Castle and the Botanical Gardens directly from the little mermaid - but I'd be really impressed of you if you did!

As promised, my boat sightseeing account will come your way on Thursday!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? What was your favourite thing to do there?