Highlights and Lowlights of my Scandinavian Roadtrip

My Roadtrippin Scandinavia series has officially come to an end! I wrote about every town I visited en route from Oslo to Copenhagen and absolutely enjoyed presenting you some hidden gems of the area, like Marstrand or the open air museum of Lund. Today I just want to wrap up my trip by highlighting the best and worst moments of this Scandinavian Roadtrip!


Oslo Opera House

Akershus Castle, Oslo

The Royal Castle and surrounding garden, Oslo

Oslo Ski Museum and Ski Jumping Tower Holmenkollen

Boat Sightseeing in Gothenburg

Maritime Museum incl. Fish & Chips in Gothenburg

Day Trip to Marstrand from Gothenburg

Sunbathing in Marstrand

Exploring the castle in Marstrand

Having some beach time in Malmö

Exploring the yacht harbour of Limhamn, Malmö

Boat Sightseeing Tour in Copenhagen

Wonderful weather in Copenhagen

Seeing the little mermaid, Copenhagen


 The heat in Oslo


I didn't just say it's hot in Norway.... it really is!! And by the way, that's the view out of my room shortly before 9pm :) #oslo #norway #norge #visitoslo #discoveroslo #visitnorway #discovernorway #rodelokka #grønalokka #norge #travel #travelblog #ontheroadagain


Ein von Van (@snowintromso) gepostetes Foto am 11. Jun 2014 um 11:59 Uhr

Aker Brygge, Oslo - too expensive and touristy

Munch Museum Oslo - such a waste of time

The 2 mile walk uphill in 25 degree weather to the ski museum in Oslo

Getting lost in Bygdoy, Oslo

Visiting the beach in Bygdoy just as the sun disappears

Bumbing my head in a submarine in Gothenburg

Getting a sunburn in Marstrand and Gothenburg

Chatting with a local in Marstrand and not understanding anything - damn Bohuslän dialect

Rainy weather in Malmö

and last but not least: The bus journey back home with Eurolines

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Overall I had a fantastic time on this trip and am so glad that I decided to follow that route. It was so cool to finally visit Oslo and discover some beautiful hidden gems such as Marstrand and Lund. I can only recommend you to visit the southern parts of Norway and Sweden even though my hearts totally beongs to the North!

Where did your last roadtrip take you? Do you have one planned for this summer?