Kulturen Lund - Life in Sweden Then and Now

Last week I introduced you to the charming little town of Lund in Southern Sweden. As I said, I visited the town on a day trip from Malmö and I spent most of that day in the open air museum Kulturen. You can find open air museums all over Scandinavia and I always visit them if I get the chance. I absolutely love Skansen in Stockholm and Norsk Folkemuseum in Olso so I had to visit Kulturen in Lund as well.

Kulturen is situated right in the heart of town and there's no way you'd be able to miss it if you're wandering around. As most open air museums, this one too presents you life in rural Sweden in the old days but also has a couple of exhibits on contemporary issues of Swedish society. Kulturen was opened in 1892 and consists of about 30 buildings. You can find the typical old farmer's house as well as some upper class mansions of the 17th until the 20th century. There also is a church and a little botanic garden. But enough of the talk now. I think the best way to introduce this museum to you is through pictures and believe me, I had a hard time choosing the best ones of the about 200 pictures that I took that day.

What I liked most about Kulturen is the fact that it is not only right in the city centre (as opposed to the open air museums in Stockholm and Oslo) but also that it is so small. You can walk around the museum for hours without feeling completely exhausted afterwards because you had to walk for miles (which again is the case in both, Oslo and Stockholm). It feels like you're wandering through a pretty little village. Plus, the entrance fee is only 120 SEK (60 SEK for students) which is really cheap! The best time of the year to visit obviously is summertime. We visited Kulturen one day after Midsommar in June and I wish we had been there to celebrate the longest day of the year. Apparently Midsommar is celebrated big time in Kulturen but we didn't know that beforehand. So if you decided to visit Sweden this summer, go for Lund at Midsommar!

Which open air museums have you visited so far? Any favourites?

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