24 Hours in Reykjavik // A Stopover in Iceland

After having taken you on a photo tour around Reykjavik last week, it's finally time to tell you all about my stopover in Iceland's capital! As you know, I stayed in Reykjavik for 24 hours on my way to Greenland which isn't exactly a lot of time. Nonetheless, I can say that I've pretty much seen everything there was to see in Reykjavik and yes, it was absolutely exhausting!

I boarded the flight from Copenhagen to Reykjavik at 8 o'clock in the morning after having nearly missed the deadline for baggage check-in as Copenhagen Kastrup is just a crazy crowded and awfully organised airport - especially early in the morning! When I finally made it to the gate, I only had 5 minutes to breathe before boarding...

Once on the plane however, I was finally getting into the Iceland spirit! Iceland Air has screens in your front seat and an amazing collection of movies and tv shows! I first watched a movie about volcanos in Iceland to get into the spirit even more and then Modern Family and Big Bang Theory while having breakfast (orange juice and original Icelandic Skyr yoghurt - yum!).

It was definitely the most fun flight ever! And Iceland Air even prints Icelandic words and sayings on the seats so that you can learn a bit of Icelandic during your flight! Not that I want to advertise Iceland Air or anything (and nor am I sponsored for writing this) but I absolutely enjoyed my flight with them! There's nothing like a good tv show and a nice breakfast to let your fear of flying disappear!

Once in Iceland however, things became a bit less awesome. On the bus from Keflavik to Reykjavik, I managed to take exactly 10 pictures (from beautiful flowers and geysers in the distance though) before falling asleep - hello jetlag! Nonetheless I had planned to see everything Reykjavik has to offer so no rest for me. Big mistake!

Somehow tiredness and jetlag had me thinking that I had to hurry because it was late (even though of course it wasn't with 2 hours gained in between Denmark and Iceland) so I spend my day in Reykjavik running from one sight to the other until I was completely exhausted and had to return to my hotel to rest a bit - with a delicious ice-cream to get my energy back of course!

Jetlag and tiredness however wasn't even the worst about my stay in Reykjavik. It was homesickness. Yes homesickness. For Tromso! I hate to admit it but I didn't exactly enjoy Reykjavik because it reminded me SO MUCH of Tromso! Which in turn had me missing my boyfriend who would have totally calmed me down while I was rushing through the city. Awesome, right?

I'm planning to publish a little Reykjavik vs. Tromso post as soon as I'm back there so for now you can get an impression of Reykjavik that is completely free of any comparisons, enjoy!

In those 24 hours that I was in the city, I managed to see the harbour, the opera house Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja church, Perlan viewing platform, Nautholsvik beach, the University of Reykjavik and the city airport (which has got to be one of the tiniest airports I've ever seen). I guess that's quite a lot for one day but I'm glad I've seen it all anyway.

However Reykjavik was nothing like the movies in the Iceland Air flight. I didn't see volcanos, geysers, glaciers or icebergs - yeah yeah I know, of course not! But the drive from Keflavik to Reykjavik made me want to explore rural Iceland! I wanted to see all these things that other people always blog about when they visit Iceland but with a tight budget and limited time, that wasn't possible of course! Fortunately, Reykjavik is a pretty green city so I at least got to enjoy a bit of Icelandic nature!

One day, I'm going to explore Iceland on a road trip with the boyfriend - at least that's a dream of mine now! Until then, I'm going to look at my pictures of Reykjavik and try to tell myself that despite all those things that got in the way of me enjoying my stay fully, it wasn't that bad after all and Reykjavik definitely is a lovely city!

So for future records, 24 hour trips to capital cities are nothing but stressful and I won't do those again!

Have you been to Iceland? What was the best thing you saw and did and what did you like most about Reykjavik? I want to know everything you know about the country, so that I can plan my road trip in my head!

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