Nuuk - The Capital of Greenland // A Photo Essay

Last week I was telling you all about Greenland and how my trip has been and I promised you to show you more of Greenland's capital today. I decided to do this in a photo essay cause there's no way, I could just describe this incredible city in the middle of nowhere of the Arctic. I'll try it nonetheless but the 100 pictures below (yes, this got to be the longest photo essay I ever published) probably tell you more anyway but let's see.

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is a city full of contrasts:

- nature vs. city

- traditional vs. modern

- Greenlandic vs. Danish

- crowded vs. empty

Nuuk is situated at the west coast of Greenland. It's closer to Canada than it is to Copenhagen (or the rest of Europe, including Iceland for that matter). There are about 17000 people living in Nuuk and the city has experienced an enormous growth over the last couple of years. New neighbourhoods emerged with apartment blocks that look more modern than in most areas of Copenhagen. Yet, the old parts of the city centre remain and give the city its charm.

It takes about 5-7 hours to get to Nuuk from Copenhagen with a stopover in Kangerlussuaq or Reykjavik. But despite its remote location, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, art, shopping and cuisine. You can spend one day of your stay out in the fjord, taking pictures of whales and icebergs or go hiking on one of the many surrounding mountains and then you can spend the next day at the Art Museum, shopping for traditional Greenland jewelry and clothing or just trying out something new when eating whale-burgers or Greenlandic sushi at one of the local Thai restaurants.

Does that sound cosmopolitan? It is! Nuuk is way more than just a small city in the middle of the Arctic! I absolutely fell in love with Nuuk, simply because it offers you the "typical Arctic experience" and all the advantages of a city - just like Tromso or Reykjavik, but better as you're within nature in just 5 mins!

I hope I can make you become interested in visiting Nuuk with this post - you certainly wouldn't regret a visit!

What is your impression of Nuuk? Would you like to visit?

And do you know another place that is so full of contrasts?

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Happy Travel Tuesday!