Icelandic Street Art in Reykjavik

I already mentioned that Reykjavik was quite similiar to Tromso (and I promise, there will be a comparison post soon - I'm on it) but there is one thing lacking in my adoptive home: street art! Reykjavik is so colourful (yes, it might not be as colourful as Nuuk but it definitely is more than Tromso) and you can find beautiful art, colourful signs and funny sculptures round almost every corner and particularly where you don't expect it!

I therefore thought I'd take you on a little tour so that you can see a few of the best pieces from home. I wish I would have had more time in the city just so that I could have wandered the streets a little while longer and that way, probably would have stumbled upon more art. Next time then!

 I'm absolutely in love with the b/w couple's picture!

What's your favourite? Is there street art in your town?