The Perfect Weekend - Greenlandic Style

Hello Hello! I have to apologize for kinda being absent on social media last week and taking so long to reply to your comments! My first week back in Tromso was absolutely crazy! I'll write an update post at the end of the month and fill you in with everything, I promise!

Anyway, after so many posts about my life in the Arctic last week, it's back to blogging about my summer in Iceland and Greenland. As you may know, I stayed in Greenland for a week and it was absolutely amazing! The weekend in particular was awesome and that's what I want to talk about today!

I arrived in Nuuk on Thursday and after walking to town (which took me 40 min) to buy food and walk back, I was pretty exhausted and went to bed early. So naturally, Friday was my sightseeing day! I spent the whole day wandering around the city, taking thousands of pictures and enjoying the sunshine.

In the evening I was invited for barbecue by my roommates which was really lovely. I got to know lots and lots about life in Greenland and relationships between Danes and Greenlanders which helped a lot for my fieldwork. I also got to enjoy a beautiful sunset - one of many to come - and all in all it was a really great day! I just wish I hadn't drunk so much wine...

Because on Saturday I of course woke up with a hangover - and I had a boat trip scheduled for the afternoon! Perfect way to go on a boat trip on the ocean on a really really really stormy day. Luckily, the sight of a whale about 30 min into our 4 hour trip, made me feel a lot better ... even though I have to admit, I almost fell asleep on the boat later on.

The boat trip was a whale safari and it was pure luck that we got to see a whale so shortly after departure. Whale sightings had been rare the weeks before and my roommate told me a story of how the first whale that made it into Nuuk fjord this season got killed by a hunter and apparently he cried so loudly that he warned his mates and no whale came into the fjord the following weeks.

According to our tour guide, that was nonsense but it sure makes a pretty interesting story! And I'm so glad I got to see a whale after all! I first considered going on a trip to the glacier to see real icebergs but that trip would have been so expensive that I decided to rather go whale-watching instead. Plus, the whale safari in Greenland was way cheaper than any whale safari in Tromso so I guess it was a win-win! One thing I regret though was focussing on taking pictures!

Sure, I have nice pictures of the whale now but I don't feel like I've really seen it. I didn't have a moment to enjoy looking at the whale. It all happened so fast and I really wanted at least one good shot, that I saw everything through my camera lense which just isn't the same! It was a great experience nonetheless. Especially that moment when we all stared in front of us as the whale had been there until 30 seconds ago and then suddenly we heard him coming up for air (which is a really loud pppfffff sound) right next to us on the side of the boat. He was so close! And so big!

It was just amazing and I wish I could re-live that moment again. In slow motion and without the camera in my hand. Next time!

When the whale disappeared for good, we made our way into a fjord close by because it was really stormy that day, I wasn't just saying that cause I had a hangover! There we enjoyed the sunshine and even caught a fish! That fjord reminded me a lot of Norway even though it was way more remote and I knew that there were no people around for at least the next 20 kilometres. Pretty scary but also kind of exciting!

After our trip, I was invited by our tour guide for dinner. She made whale-goulash and it was amazing! I know, I know, it's kinda ironic to eat whale meat after you've just been whale watching but whatever... it tasted really nice! I tried whale once in Norway and it didn't taste good at all. But this Greenlandic whale was just awesome!

Afterwards we headed into town for ice-cream and we got to see another beautiful sunset on the way. Nuuk is just an amazing place during summertime and I'm really curious to find out what it's like there in winter. One day, I have to go there in that season!

The next day, I decided to go on a hike. Everyone told me that I had to go up Store Malene, which is the biggest mountain close to town with 800 metres and apparently has an amazing view over town. However, since I'm not the fittest person on earth, I decided to try Lille Malene, the smaller one at 400 metres.

Both mountains are right next to the airport and as I walked to the airport from my house, I was already pretty exhausted by the time I got there so I decided to only climb up the ski slope. That way I only had to follow the ski lift so at least I couldn't get lost. Plus there were quite a few people around so in case of an emergency, somebody would have found me which was very important since I didn't have phone service during my entire stay in Greenland.

Fortunately I made it safely to the next viewpoint and I had a lovely view indeed. I even got to see a plane landing at the airport! And hiking up a mountain (even if it's a tiny one) all by yourself, really makes you happy! I was so proud of myself (that probably sounds ridiculous to any real mountain hiker but whatever)!

Naturally, I was really exhausted when I got back home and ended the day with a pizza and Netflix. Perfect way to end a perfect weekend!

How does the perfect weekend look like where you live? Would you like to try whale meat?