Northern Norway in Autumn - Lofoten & Nordland

Introducing a new series on Snow in Tromso - Northern Norway in Autumn: Exploring Lofoten & Nordland!

It took me a while to finish blogging about my summer in Iceland and Greenland but I just had to share all the pictures with you!

2 weeks ago though, I came back from a week-long vacation in the Lofoten Islands and Nordland. It was autumn holiday for school children in Norway and it's common for parents to take a week off in that week too. Therefore we didn't have to attend university so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally visit Lofoten!

The Lofoten archipelago, roughly situated between Bodø and Tromsø, has been on my bucket list for a while but I never had the time or money to actually go and visit. Luckily that situation changed and the boyfriend and I combined a visit to Lofoten with a visit to his family near Bodø.

I'm going to blog about everything I've experienced on that trip but thought I'd share my itinerary with you in case you plan on visiting Lofoten yourself! So here we go:

Day 1 - Onboard the Hurtigruten / Visit to Trollfjord

We decided to take the scenic route to go to Lofoten: by Hurtigruten coastal steamer! Flights to Lofoten are expensive and include a lot of stops if you're headed there from Tromsø so a day on a ship seemed like the best start to our vacation. I absolutely love going on short cruises and also took the Hurtigruten to get to the North Cape. There's just nothing more relaxing than sitting on a couch and watch the most beautiful Norwegian fjords glide by.

We also visited the famous Trollfjord before getting off the ship in Svolvær. Trollfjord is a tiny fjord which basically separates the two archipelagos Vesterålen and Lofoten from each other and as the name suggests, it's the home of many trolls ;)

Day 2 - Roadtrippin Lofoten: Austvågøya & Vestvågøya

We stayed in Svolvær and rented a car with Avis to be able to see more of the archipelago. We could have stayed in town to go on a sea eagle safari or visit the ice bar but both options are incredibly expensive and we figured we would get way more for our money by renting a car - wise decision!

We ended up visiting the most beautiful little fishing villages, fjords and beaches and just had an amazing time (and weather)! Places we've seen include: Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Lofoten Viking Museum, Leknes and Unstad!

I'll be blogging about Henningsvær in detail as it's just the cutest village I've ever seen and wrap up the other places in a post about the two islands we visited (Austvågøya and Vestvågøya) in general. I'll also write a post about Svolvær with some hotel and restaurant recommendations!

Day 3 - Bodø

On our third day, we took the ferry to get from Svolvær to Bodø. Bodø is the capital of the Nordland region and has such an amazing harbour! The city is incredibly windy though so no need to do your hair ;)

During our day in Bodø we also visited the aviation museum which is set up of actual old planes and also has a flight simulator that the boyfriend made me try out - to put it short: I had my eyes closed almost the entire time as I totally would have puked otherwise ;)

Day 4 and 5 - Fauske

The boyfriend's family lives in Fauske so that's where we stayed for the rest of our trip! Fauske is a little town situated both, near the mountains and the ocean. Of course we had to go for a hike in the mountains but also explored the area a bit by car.

Day 6 - Saltstraumen, Bodø

A visit to Nordland is not complete without a trip to the world's largest tidal current: Saltstraumen! I've seen pictures of it prior to my trip and was determined to get equally dramatic pictures myself. Therefore we went at the time the current was at its strongest and basically ran from one place to the other in search for the best motif.

This included me standing on a super high bridge looking at the current from above - in case you didn't know, I'm not too comfortable with heights... Anyway, there will be many pictures coming your way and also a video of funny birds in the current where you can hear me and the boyfriend speaking Norswedish - our awful mix of Norwegian and Swedish which learning Swedish and then moving to Norway on my side and growing up in a Norwegian/Swedish family on the boyfriend's site brings with it. Does that sound interesting?

All in all, we had a fabulous time on our trip and we were so incredibly lucky with the weather! Sunshine is not exactly usual for October in the Arctic (or anytime really) so we really enjoyed every minute of it! In fact, it was so great that we started planning to head back there a day after our arrival in Tromsø! We had intended to do that in November as we would really like to go on a little vacation before heading to Germany for Christmas time but then again, Lofoten during polar night? That seemed like wasted time and money.

We're still not a 100% sure where we will be headed in 4 weeks though. We thought about Bavaria, Southern Norway, the Baltics, Finland, Poland and even Belgium and the Netherlands! However if you're curious about where we're headed and want to be the first to know, subscribe to my monthly newsletter! That way, you'll also get access to exclusive travel guides and wallpapers!