Why Greenland should be on your Bucket List

While the boyfriend and I are on a cruise to the Lofoten today, I wanted to wrap up Greenland for you again just in case I haven't convinced you of Greenland as a travel destination yet. I definitely fell in love with Greenland this summer and absolutely want to come back once day to see the smaller settlements, to experience a real Arctic winter (Tromso just isn't cold enough), to see glaciers and monstrous icebergs, to go dog-sledding and do countless of other things.

Greenland in summer though is amazing too and probably the season where you would consider visiting the country. As you know, I only visited Nuuk but everything I'll say now, is true for the rest of the country. And if I can't convince you to put Greenland on your bucket list today, I definitely surrender, promised!

So on to the reasons why you absolutely need to think about visiting Greenland:


You probably know that by now - Greenland is the country of stunning nature: glaciers, icebergs, mountains, fjords, the unbelievably huge icecap, flowers you won't see anywhere else and last but not least, phenomena like the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

Greenland definitely is a country for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to become one!


Whales, Polar bears, reindeers, musk oxen and what not! I've seen a whale for the very first time in Greenland and it was an awesome experience!

I'd love to see a polar bear or musk oxe (from afar of course) and in Greenland, that's definitely possible!

And if you don't get to see wild animals, you'll always encounter a sled dog or two and don't even get me started on all the mosquitos you'll find....

Culture & Traditions

The Inuit are the native people of Greenland and make up almost 90% of the population. And even though Greenland has been under colonial rule of Denmark, the old Greenlandic traditions are still alive.

Whether you visit a museum, a supermarket, just stay at your hotel or wander through the streets - Greenlandic traditions are visible everwhere. That might be through sealskins on your chair, whale meat at the supermarket or figures made of reindeer antlers on the flea market.

Greenlanders traditionally have been hunters and even though life in the cities of the country is pretty similiar to anywhere else in Europe, Greenlanders still spend a great amount of their summer out in the wilderness hunting and they're extremely proud of their old traditions.

Plus, if you visit Greenland you get the unique opportunity to visit a country that is self-governend by its indigenous people - something that you won't find anywhere else in Europe!


Ever tried whale meat? It's awesome, at least if it's prepared the right way. I tasted it once in Norway and it was awful but Greenlanders really know how to do it!

Greenlandic food in general though is pretty much a mix between Western and traditional food. In Nuuk, I found Greenlandic tapas and musk oxen burgers on the menus and you can even find Thai restaurants in the country!

I have no idea why you would want to move from Thailand to Greenland but if youre visiting Greenland, you're at least able to try some pretty interesting food!


There are a few discussions centering around Greenlandic art. Is it simply art made by a Greenlander or does it need to show Greenlandic culture? Some people consider bone figures to be Greenlandic art and for others it's modern art made by a Greenlandic artist.

Either way, there's an art museum in Nuuk and Ilulissat and you can also find art exhibitions at Katuaq, the cultural center of Nuuk. You probably also find some Greenlandic art at your hotel and I promise you, it'll be something really pretty!


The Inuit have been living in Greenland since 1200 AD and have been colonized by Denmark from the 18th century onwards. You can still see Danish influences all over the country, whether that's the typical Scandinavian wooden houses or statues of famous Danish people like the colonizer and priest Hans Egede.

You can even visit old abandonded settlements from colonial times or just visit the National Museum of Greenland to learn all about the relationship of the two countries and the history and development of Greenland. There's a lot to learn about the country!


A musk oxen safari by helicopter? A whale safari by boat? A trip to the icefjord to see giant icebergs? Hiking on the icecap? Heliskiing? Dog-sledding? Kayaking? Driving a snowmobile? Seeing the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights?

You can go on all sorts of adventures in Greenland and even though, most of these trips and experiences are pretty expensive, they're definitely worth the money!

I mean where else in the world is it possible to do these things? There aren't many places that's for sure!

Incredible Views

A country that offers such an incredible nature, of course also offers incredible views! You won't go anywhere in Greenland without wanting to take a million pictures - that's a promise!

Incredible Sunsets

Last but not least - and you've already seen some pictures - the summer sunsets in Greenland are amazing! Nuuk is below the Arctic Circle and therefore you can't see the midnight sun there. That doesn't mean that it's dark during summertime though.

When I was in Nuuk in late July, the sun went down at about 11.30 pm and rose again at like 3.30 am. In between that time, it of course wasn't pitch black, rather twilighty. It's a magical light and I was absolutely fascinated by it!

So tell me, is Greenland on your bucket list now? What would you want to do/see if you'd visit the country?

Next week, I'll finally show you how similiar Reykjavik and Tromso are and the week after there will be one last surprise post on Greenland before I blog about Norway again. Happy Travel Tuesday!