The Magic Trolls of Norway // A Visit to Trollfjord

I blogged about my Arctic cruise with Hurtigruten last week and mentioned that we visited Trollfjord along the way. Now taking the scenic route to go to Lofoten was absolutely the best decision! The cruise was the perfect combination of mountains and fjords and everyone who visits or lives in Norway surely has to love both! Now Trollfjord even tops cruising the whole coast of Norway as this place is THE ultimate combination of mountains and fjords and even includes trolls - or in short, it basically is Norway in a nutshell! Do you think I'm exaggerating? You won't think that for long, I promise!

About Trollfjord

Trollfjord is a fjord situated between the two archipelagos Vesterålen and Lofoten in Northern Norway. The fjord is 2 km long and only 100 metres wide at its entrance and 800 metres at its end. The mountains surrounding it are up to 1000 metres high which gives the fjord a really dramatic appearance.

Trollfjord today is used as a hydroelectricity plant but is also known as the battle field of "The Battle of Trollfjord" in 1890 where fishermen in steamboats fought against fishermen in traditional boats. However Trollfjord mainly is the home of trolls, right?

The Trolls

Norwegian mythology is all about trolls so you might have heard about them! People here believe(d) that a lot of the stones and rocks you see in the country are actually trolls. Trolls cannot cope with sunlight so if they come into contact with sunshine they will instantly turn into stone.

Now I've always had this naive idea in mind that young little trolls would go out during the day because they're curious to see humans and wanted to get to know how humans live their lives. I thought trolls would be small and cute - kinda like the ones in Frozen. Turns out though that Norwegian trolls are nothing like that.

Instead, they're huge and monstrous and they chase after you if you're a Christian. Trolls apparently can smell the blood of Christians and are nothing like the cute little people I imagined them to be, haha! For more information on what trolls are really like, watch the movie Trollhunter on Netflix - highly educational, haha ;)

The Experience

The Hurtigruten cruise ships visit Trollfjord on their way from Tromsø to Lofoten (if the weather allows it) and it really is a spectacular experience. As I said, the entrance to the fjord is only 100 metres wide and you can probably imagine how big the cruise ships are. Once they arrive in the fjord, the captain has to make a U-turn to get out of there again.

The whole spectacle takes about half an hour and everyone is gathered on deck to look out for trolls (but carefully, you shouldn't wake them right?!) while the crew is playing Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" (aka the troll). The song is about, what else, trolls! Or better: how "The Christian's son (Peer Gynt) has bewitched The Mountain King's fairest daughter!".

I can only advise you to listen to this song while looking at the pictures in the following, it'll kinda be like as if you've been there with me!

More Pictures

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