Hidden Gems in the Lofoten Islands // Part 1: Henningsvær

Hello Hello! Last week, I was telling you all about my roadtrip in the Lofoten Islands and just in case I haven't convinced you to put this trip on your bucket list already (which is impossible, come on!), I'm showcasing two very special places in the archipelago today and next week: Henningsvær and Unstad.

While Unstad is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere that is famous among surfers, Henningsvær is the cutest fishing village I've ever seen! Everywhere we went, we saw postcard-perfect sceneries - from bridges to houses to the ocean. I swear, I haven't taken so many pictures of a village in any other place in Europe - Gamvik included!

About Henningsvær

Henningsvær is a small village off the island of Austvågøy in the Lofoten Islands with a population of only about 450 people. Henningsvær itself is situated on many smaller islands which makes it an interesting destination for tourists as the islands are all connected by little bridges, reminding many people of Venice.

The people of Henningsvær mainly live of tourism and fishing - even the local football field is situated right next to the many fish drying racks that are so typical for the archipelago.

Apart from that, there's a couple of hotels and bnb's, restaurants, cafes and small shops - basically everything you need on a vacation. You can even find some street art!

The Lookout

The highlight of the village is definitely the lookout over the ocean from the lighthouse nearby the football field. You can see nothing but mountains and the ocean from there and it's just one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!

"Postcards" from Henningsvær

I said that this village was postcard-perfect, right?!

How to get there

Henningsvær is situated about a half an hour drive from Svolvær and the drive to the village is absolutely gorgeous as Henningsvær is hidden between a mountain range and several bridges.

The easiest way to get there is by rental car - just follow the E10 and turn left to the 816 after 25 kilometres. However there also is a bus going there from Svolvær - ask for more information at the local tourist office!

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Henningsvær - One of many Hidden Gems in the Lofoten Islands! More on the blog:
Henningsvær - One of many Hidden Gems in the Lofoten Islands! More on the blog:

Would you like to visit this place in the Lofoten Islands? Where in the world is your favourite village?

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