Hidden Gems in the Lofoten Islands // Part 2: Unstad Beach

Wasn't Henningsvær just the most gorgeous village you've ever seen? If not, I have another special place to present to you: Unstad Beach - a surfer's paradise in Northern Norway!

About Unstad

I discovered Unstad by "accident". We were preparing our Lofoten road trip with the usual sources to plan a vacation: travel guides, Tripadvisor and asking people we know who had been there. None of them mentioned Unstad. Instead, I saw a picture of Unstad Beach on Instagram a couple of weeks prior to our trip and decided to go there! It just seemed so beautiful and I wasn't disappointed at all!!

We went to Unstad after having visited Lofotr Viking Museum. It took about half an hour to get there from the museum and the road already was a precursor that we were on our way to the end of the world. Unstad itself then definitely reinforced this impression! There might be about a 100 people living there - I don't even know. However the village apparently is famous among surfers all over the world!

The Beach

Unstad is situated at the Norwegian Sea and apparently at a good spot for high waves and strong winds. On our visit, there were several surfers in the sea and if I could surf, I would have probably joined them - it was just such a gorgeous day!

Plus, the beach itself is utterly gorgeous! Situated in a little valley between two mountain ranges and huge grass fields - the perfect spot for more postcard perfect pictures!

How to get there

Follow the E10 in direction of Leknes if you're coming from Svolvær and take a right turn about 2 kilometres after passing Lofotr Viking Museum. From there, follow the road to its end - as simply as that. Note: There's a village named Tangstad that could be mistaken as Unstad if you don't have any sense for orientation whatsoever. No, I totally didn't lead the boyfriend in the wrong direction *ehem*.... Just follow the road and don't take a left turn, haha!

Other News

I'm really sad to say that my Lofoten posts have come to an end! It's quite impressive though that 2 days in the Lofoten Islands have given me material for 5 blog posts! Certainly didn't expect that! If you haven't had a chance to read my other posts on this beautiful archipelago, let me summarize them again:

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Hidden Gems in the Lofoten Islands / Part 1: Henningsvær

I'm currently in Germany, spending the winter holidays with my family. Before getting here, the boyfriend and I went on a short detour to Munich though, which I will blog about in the following two weeks! I'll then blog about the second half of our trip through autumnal Northern Norway in January - namely about the towns of Bodo, Fauske and the world's strongest tidal current Saltstraumen! So stay tuned for some Germany love and Northern Norway will be back in the new year!

Do you also have a fascination for surfing? Would you like to visit this place?

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Are you looking for a hidden gem in the Lofoten Islands? Somewhere that's not crowded and touristy? Check out this gorgeous beach in Unstad!!
Are you looking for a hidden gem in the Lofoten Islands? Somewhere that's not crowded and touristy? Check out this gorgeous beach in Unstad!!