8 Reasons (not) to Visit Fauske // A Hidden Gem of Nordland?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the boyfriend last week! I've wanted to write a more detailed post on Sami culture for ages but was always kinda hesitant since I'm just an outsider after all. Therefore I'm really happy that Simon took over this space and told you what it really means to be Sami in Norway today.

If you haven't read his post yet, definitely go back to last week. I've not only asked him questions about Sami culture but also about what's it like to be with a blogger and what you need to know before moving to Norway.

Moving on to today's topic now. Back in October, I visited Simon's hometown for the first time: the small town of Fauske. It's situated in the county of Nordland, about an hour from Bodø and the Norwegian coast and only about half an hour from the border to Sweden.

Fauske only has about 10000 inhabitants and there really aren't any sights. I however think that there's a few gems in the town nonetheless which make it definitely a place to visit. At least if you're up for a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere that is.

Let's get this started.


Yeah, Mountains, obviously since this is Norway and even the Arctic, duh! BUT the mountains around Fauske are so much "softer" than the ones we have in Tromsø. Our mountains are pretty "arctic" - that is to say dramatic and rough! The mountains around Fauske though are rather "sub-arctic", whatever that means...

Less dramatic. Still beautiful. Have a look:


Yeah, there are forests, after all this is Norway, duh! Yes, BUT: so much more of them! Of course we have a forest on Tromso Island too though in comparison with Fauske, it's so tiny!

There are several national parks near Fauske, for example Rago national park that even has a glacier which Simon and I wanted to visit though the road up was already icy and pretty dangerous when we visited in October so I'll definitely try to head back there in the summer!

Sjunkhatten national park is another one near Fauske though this one is best known as "the children's park" since its hikings trails are all very easy and best suited for families with small children, handicapped people and the elderly - or me considering what a looser I am when it comes to sports!


There are tons of reindeers living in the mountains around Fauske and they all belong to the boyfriend's family. Not sure about their real size though as it's considered rude to ask Sami people how many reindeers they have and I'd be a fool to ask Simon. Guess that's something you're being told on your wedding night, haha! Not that I'm ever gonna marry, duh!

Anyway, not sure how many reindeers there actually are but the boyfriend's family is the only reindeer herding family in the area. Of course, his family is pretty big and I probably haven't even met a fifth of them and am not sure if I really want to meet them all with my fear of crowds - no offense, haha! I'm kinda getting off the point here. Back to the reindeers. If you're hiking in the mountains, try to keep an eye out for them and maybe you spot one! There's also moose in the area and almost every street has a warning sign - but even though I kept an eye out for them while we were there, I didn't see one. One and a half years of living in Norway and I still haven't seen a moose in the wild...

But maybe that's quite alright. Did you know that when you hit one with a car, you break their legs as they are so long and they fall through the window and onto your lap? Not something you wish for...

Northern Lights

Shouldn't have said that about the moose - apologies. On to a happier topic: the Northern Lights! Like the Lofoten Islands, Fauske was the perfect place to see and capture the Northern Lights! I mean, look at this starry sky!!

Interesting Art

Fauske also is a place of culture - well kind of. They have some art at least. Two pieces to be precise. In the ocean. Looked like a crab. Yes, crab with B, not the other one... What it's supposed to portray? Who knows...

Norwegian architecture

Next to this unidentifiable art, they also have some typically Norwegian houses. You know, those colourful wooden ones. They belong to an open air museum so you can enter them and learn more about what life in Northern Norway has been like a hundred years ago. Pretty, aren't they?

Beautiful Views

I think the very best about Fauske are all those beautiful views! The town itself is situated in a bay but there is a neighbourhood (an expensive one with big pretty houses) on a hilltop at the end of town from which you have such a gorgeous view over the town and fjord!

Of course, you can enjoy some beautiful views pretty much anywhere in Norway so this is kinda pointless. But pretty!

The Boyfriend

Well and finally, if you're looking for a handsome Norwegian boyfriend, you MUST visit Fauske. Mine is unfortunately not available anymore but I'm pretty sure he has some second cousins living in the area so go for a man-hunt!

Ugh, that was weird!

I have the feeling that this was either the worst or most hilarious post I've ever written...

Anyway, I know this has been wildly sarcastic but really if you want to go on a hiking trip in Northern Norway, Fauske is a wonderful place. Rent a car and rent a cabin and spend a weekend just taking in those gorgeous views! That's what I'm going to do for Easter. Across the border in Sweden though. In a cabin with an outhouse. Yay!

No but really, Fauske might not have a lot to offer as a town but it sure has some gorgeous landscapes! I'll be back next week with more of these views when I'm telling you all about Roadtrippin Nordland county!

Would you be up for a weekend in the woods?

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Ever heard of a place named Fauske? Don't worry, this post will change that. Plus, if it's your dream to see the Northern Lights and spend a weekend hiking or camping in the mountains of Norway then this place will make it to the top of your bucket list, promised!
Ever heard of a place named Fauske? Don't worry, this post will change that. Plus, if it's your dream to see the Northern Lights and spend a weekend hiking or camping in the mountains of Norway then this place will make it to the top of your bucket list, promised!