Of Mountains and Forests // Roadtrippin Nordland County

I'm gonna say it right away: this is more of a photo essay than a detailed post about roadtrippin Nordland County, simply because I'm incredible busy (and incredibly sorry for that!).

Working part-time and finishing my Masters thesis is more stressful than I thought, ugh! Anyway, I'll tell you all about my life lately next week (I hope) but in the meantime, follow me on Snapchat (@snowintromso) to see what I'm up to in my little free-time ;)

Back to Nordland County though: Last week, I presented the little town of Fauske to you and got lots of responses that you guys really loved the nature there. Well, today is gonna be full of nature and incredible views!

I only stayed in Fauske for 3 days but Simon and I managed to put a great deal of roadtrippin into those days. From the area around Saltstraumen, to a place simply called Straumen and the area around Fauske itself, we saw a lot just by driving around.

Believe me, Nordland County is the perfect place for a roadtrip in Norway. All you have to do is to follow the roads E80 or E6 and views like this will await you:

The highlight of our time in the car was definitely the area near Straumen though. There's a huge lake in the mountains called Sisovatnet nearby where you can also find a glacier! Now hold your horses, we didn't manage to get to the glacier itself.

It was October and the road up there was already icy and it would have been incredibly dangerous to go there nonetheless. I'm gonna try to head up there in the summer though what I've seen of the area so far, was already astounding.

We made it to the beginning of the road that would eventually lead up the glacier and honestly, I'm gonna have to take some xanax if I want to survive the drive. The road is tiny and follows a curvy slope up the mountain - not something for people with a fear of heights (aka me).

I'll just have to close my eyes and wait till we've made it I guess.... Anyway, the views we had from the start of that road were already amazing though. I mean, a forest IN the lake? Plus snow-capped mountains? Omg, I want to live there!!!

Did I promise too much? Haha, I know I didn't! Would you be up for a road trip in the area?

On another note, this sadly is the very end of my posts on our autumn vacation. If you want to read all about my adventures cruising the Arctic, visiting the Trolls, roadtrippin the Lofoten Islands or visiting the biggest whirlpool in the world, just click here for the full overview of all posts.

As I already mentioned, I'll write a life update for you next week (hopefully) with all things winter wonderland, ski championship, Sami Week and Tromso International Film Festival so stay tuned!

Afterwards, I'm taking you to Germany for a while - don't worry though, we'll stay in the North - as I have a few posts on the beautiful city of Hamburg lined up!

Have a nice week and a happy Travel Tuesday y'all!

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Roadtrippin Nordland County - Never heard of that place? Well, it's the best place in Norway for a road trip!
Roadtrippin Nordland County - Never heard of that place? Well, it's the best place in Norway for a road trip!