Living the Cabin Life in the Arctic // Review of Tromso Camping

A couple of weeks back, the boyfriend and I were so exhausted from writing our theses and working that all we wanted was to spend a quiet weekend doing nothing but relax. Unfortunately if you have flatmates, it's not always as quiet at home as you would like it to be so we decided to go away for the weekend. We looked into renting a cabin in the greater area but they were all either incredibly expensive or not accessible by public transport.

So we headed to the website of Tromso Camping and decided pretty fast that their cabins had everything we needed and were in the perfect location: outside of the city in the woods so that it would be really quiet but not too far away so that we could easily get there by bus! And guess what, our weekend was as amazing as we thought it would be!


Tromso Camping is situated on the mainland of Norway and not on Tromso Island. That means, it's close to the Arctic Cathedral, the cable car and Tromso's biggest mountain Tromsdalstind. The camping site itself is situated in a valley, right next to a little river and with a view on the cable car station Fjellheisen. There are ski tracks and hiking trails close by, as is the yacht harbour of Tromsdalen and the ice skating rink.

Believe me, the area offers tons of incredible spots for taking pictures. I would love to share all of them with you but that would totally crash the blog...

Apart from taking pictures, I learned how to ice-skate that weekend. Actually, we didn't know about the ice skating rink before heading to Tromso Camping. We had planned to go on a hike in the valley on our first day and pretty much stumbled upon the rink by accident - and of course decided to give it a try.

The boyfriend is able to ice-skate of course, having grown up in Norway. I however was not and I spent the first hour desperately hanging onto those weird learning sledges for children. I did improve after a while though and was even able to skate without the sledge and only the boyfriend by my side - great success, haha!

The Cabins

Tromso Camping has 53 cabins altogether, in 5 different space and price ranges. The smallest ones, called Economy Cottages, are about 10 square meters big and have 2 bunk beds - however no bathroom and no running water. If you live here, you'd have to share the common bathroom and kitchen facilities in the administration building.

The Timber and River Cabins then have space for 5 persons and en-suite bathroom and kitchen. They are the oldest but probably also the most charming ones. I mean red little cottages covered with snow just scream SCANDINAVIA, don't they?

If you're looking for a bit more comfort and luxury though, there also are Comfort and Comfort+ Cabins. If you're staying here, you do not need to worry about bringing (or loaning) sheets and towels and the beds will be made upon your arrival. The Comfort+ Cabins are furthermore allergy friendly so don't worry about finding any dog hair there.

The boyfriend and I stayed in a Comfort Cabin and immediately felt at home upon entering. The cabin had a big living room/kitchen combo, a spacious bathroom and a cosy bedroom with a view on the river. It was furnished in a typically Scandinavian style and offered more than enough space for two people.

Find more information and rates of Tromso Camping here

I just love wooden cabins like that and even though the cottages were very close to each other, we didn't really hear any noise from our neighbours. The only thing we could hear at night was the whirring of the river - amazing, isn't it?


You can get breakfast in the administration building at an extra cost and you can also buy beverages and snacks there. However, as is the point of camping, you won't be served dinner but rather have to cook yourself. The boyfriend and I chose to prepare all our meals by our own and the kitchen of our cabin provided everything we needed: from a coffee machine to a microwave to a stove, a fridge and a kettle of course.

During our weekend, we ate some typical camping specialities: knæckebrød with cheese, scrambled eggs, pasta salad and sausages. Not what a star restaurant will serve you obviously but oh, so delicous! And the team of Tromso Camping even left us some candy - much appreciated!!


Like you would expect, Tromso Camping mainly offers activities for outdoorsy people. In winter you can go ice-skating and skiing in the neighbourhood, or you can book Northern Lights or dogsledding tours at the reception. You don't have to go far to see the Northern Lights though. We were lucky to see them right from the camp site on our second night.

Admittedly, they were quite weak but it was the end of the season. The camping grounds are relatively dark so you do have quite good chances of seeing them more strongly in the middle of winter.

During summer, you can go hiking, climb Mount Tromsdalstinden, go on boat sightseeing tours, visit a Sami camp, or explore a glacier. And of course, the cable car station and the Arctic Cathedral are just a short walk away. Just ask the team at the reception - they are happy to help the right tour for you!


Tromso Camping is the perfect place for people who'd like to get to know Northern Norway and spend a lot of time outdoors. It's close to the city centre so you can go sightseeing and shopping if you want, but in the evening you can go back to the wilderness and relax by watching the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights.

Or you play old-school board games like we did! A weekend without Netflix definitely has its charms!

One of my personal highlights of our stay was definitely the ice-skating rink though. I had so much fun learning how to do it and didn't mind the looks I got from the small children who were all way better than me at all, haha!

But seriously, Tromso Camping is just so close by to incredible views, nature and activities. I think we most enjoyed our Sunday walk at Tromsdalen harbour. I mean the views you have there of Tromso Island are incredible!

Would it surprise you if I told you that the boyfriend and I are going to move to this beautiful area of town? Probably not, right? We just signed a contract and will move in next month. I honestly can't wait to spend more Sundays at the harbour...

Basic Info

But back to Tromso Camping. I can only recommend you to stay in one of the cabins. The staff was incredibly nice and helpful and the cabins are just all so cozy! In my view, Tromso Camping is the perfect spot if you want to explore Arctic nature but at the same time need some culture/sightseeing in the city.

The camping grounds can easily be reached by busses no. 20 and 24. If you arrive in Tromsø by plane, take bus no. 40 or 42 to the city centre and then change to one of the others. You'd have to get out at "Båthavna" - the harbour and then walk for about 10 minutes.

Please note: If you arrive in winter, you might want to invest in a taxi. The streets are icy and slippery and 10 minutes can quickly turn into half an hour if you have lots of luggage with you!

Find more information and rates of Tromso Camping here


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