Goodbye Tromso Island - Hello Mainland Norway

They say the grass is always greener on the other side - well in this case, it's true! 2 weeks ago I made the move from Tromso Island to Mainland Norway and I couldn't be happier about it!

But let's start at the beginning. The boyfriend and I have both been increasingly fed up of living in flatshares and now that we've finished our studies and got "grown-up" jobs, we finally made the big step and moved in together.

We ran an advert in the local newspaper in April, were invited to two showings and made the decision to rent a flat on the mainland on the same day.

Now in case you didn' know, Tromso as a city is spread over two islands and part of the mainland.

The main part of town is situated on so called Tromso Island and I've lived there since moving to the city in 2014. Then there are additional areas belonging to Tromso on Kvaloya, the whale island, and Tromsdalen, the mainland.

We're now living in a two-bedroom apartment in the southern part of Tromsdalen and are absolutely enoying our new neighbourhood.

Even though it's far way from the city centre, it takes us less time to go shopping as there's a mall 5 minutes from where we live and since there's an express bus, it takes me way less time to get to work too.

Plus we don't have to deal with annoying roommates anymore so that's a huge advantage.

This weekend then we did the last finishing touches in the flat and spent the rest of our time exploring our new neighbourhood. We were lucky that the weather was incredibly nice on both Saturday and Sunday so our little local adventures were all the better.

We started our Saturday adventure with a hike in the mountains and what can I say, it was just absolutely gorgeous.

We have the mountains literally right off our doorstep and can enjoy a view on Tromso Island from above after a 10 minute climb. The view is equally spectacular as the one you get by taking the cable car, just that this one is totally free.

It's been a while since I've last lived right next to a forest so I can't get enough of all this green right now. And we even have some waterfalls close by.

They were absolutely stunning though they did hinder us from following the trail to the cable car station - we'll try again in July or August when all the snow on top of the mountain has finally melted and the waterfalls are less crazy and safer to cross.

After enjoying the view and lying in the sunshine, we made our way home again and picked up some wildflowers along the way that now decorate our kitchen table.

We felt that we didn't get enough adventuring that day however so we embarked on a little evening stroll around the neighbourhood later on.

The area we live in now has been a very old part of town once, characterized mostly by farming. Many of the houses that still exist today are still farms or renovated farm houses and many people are still active farmers as well so that you can spot tractors all around the area.

This part of town really feels very Norwegian to me because of these houses, much more so than the city centre of Tromso that's characterized by modern and shiny apartment blocks now.

I also feel like I'm living in a little village here but I absolutely don't mind - I love it!

On Sunday, we then made our way to the beach which fortunately for us is only a 10 minute walk away as well and offers some incredible views over the fjord to Tromso Island.

Plus, there are traditional Norwegian seaman's houses standing on the beach and even though they don't seem to be in use anymore, they do look absolutely lovely.

I'm excited to have my parents over for a visit this week and can't wait to show them our new flat and neighbourhood. And don't worry, there will be a house tour coming your way too!

What's your favourite thing about the area you live in?

Tromsdalen - the mainland part of Tromso and a hidden gem with so much more to offer than just the Arctic Cathedral and the cable car!
Tromsdalen - the mainland part of Tromso and a hidden gem with so much more to offer than just the Arctic Cathedral and the cable car!

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