A Summer in Northern Norway in Pictures

So you're planning on visiting Northern Norway in summer? Don't say I didn't warn you! Summer in Tromso and the Norwegian Arctic is mostly what's autumn in the rest of Europe. So yeah, we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of autumn - doesn't that sound lovely?!

I have to admit, it's not always this bad. At the end of May we usually get a wonderfully sunny spring weekend that makes everyone look forward to summer - only that everyone later remembers again that we don't have summer in Tromso.


If only it could be this lovely again...

Winter though, winter is great in Tromso. That is, the months right after polar night. That's when it's usually grey, rainy and depressing everywhere else but in Tromso, we have so much snow that really lightens up everything and we get gorgeous sunsets!

I'd recommend a visit to Tromso between February and April in an instant but during summertime? Forget about it!

You know, there's cruise ships arriving with thousands of tourists in the city almost every day during summer and I'm really wondering who told them that a trip to the Arctic in June or July is a good idea.

These poor people arrive here with the hope to see the Midnight Sun and sun-bathe at midnight on the ship's deck but instead they're greeted by grey skies and temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees - if they're lucky and it's not raining cats and dogs!

Anyway, I got to capture the Northern Norwegian summer a few weeks ago when my parents were visiting and we went out and explored the surroundings islands. I have to admit, I really like my gloomy pictures but I still long for some warmth and sunshine!

I was wondering how Norwegians cope with this kind of weather all summer long but the truth is, they don't!

Norwegians use their 3-4 weeks of summer vacation to go to their favourite holiday destination: the South! Yes, they don't tell you whether they're going to Spain, Italy or Croatia.

They simply tell you that they're going to "Syden". And you know what? So am I! The boyfriend and I have spontaneously booked a trip to Spain for September and it was quite a bargain as well.

Most people go during July or August when the schools are closed, so plane tickets were much cheaper in September. Plus, we're on a direct flight to and from Tromso to Alicante - and direct flights are rare up here!

And instead of booking a shabby all-inclusive 1 star hotel downtown like all the other tourists would, we found a lovely Airbnb flat in a little town outside of Alicante where we can hopefully relax and sun-bathe in peace.

I'm really lucky too in that I got to take a week off from work (without pay of course) as I'll only start working full-time at my current workplace in August.

Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to spending the summer the Norwegian way - down South!

How's your summer so far? Any trips to "Syden" on your schedule?

Summertime in Northern Norway - what's it really like?
Summertime in Northern Norway - what's it really like?

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