Where to Spend a Sunny Day in Tromso

I've never really been one of those girls who were interested in flowers, at all. That is, until I came to Tromso. Even though the Arctic isn't exactly a place where you should expect the perfect summer weather, it offers one thing that says summer like nothing else: flowers.

Yes, flowers do actually grow in the Arctic - it's not all permafrost in Tromso. In fact, during the summer the most beautiful wildflowers can be found all over town, randomly popping up over night in people's gardens and public green spaces and blossoming until temperatures get colder again.

I've probably spammed my Snapchat with pictures of flowers the last couple of weeks but I don't care. The sight of "Tromso Palm Trees" and fireweed (or is it willowherb?) just makes me feel happy. And obviously even more so when the sun shines.

So on the hottest and sunniest day of the year so far, I made my way to the botanic garden in town to go on a little photo hunt. I've actually been to the gardens many times before as it's situated right next to the university's campus but I've never had my camera with me to take decent pictures.

I'm so glad I used the hottest day of the year for my visit and even though I got sunburnt and dehydrated within the first half hour, there is no better way to spend a sunny day in Tromso! Well, maybe visiting the beach would be a good idea but there was a festival there that weekend so it was packed...

Anyway, the botanic garden of Tromso is actually called Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden and features flowers of all kinds of arctic and alpine regions of the world. During July, the highlight of all flowers blossoming are those blue poppies from Tibet for sure!

Additionally, the garden is designed to resemble arctic and alpine regions with lots of pine trees, rocks and small ponds everywhere. It truly is a special place with a perfect view on Tromsdalstinden, the highest mountain of Tromso.

I spent a wonderful Saturday morning exploring and admiring the flowers and was so grateful that the cafe was open so that I could get some juice and seek some shade!

If you're planning on visiting Tromso and would like to head to the botanic garden yourself, here's all you need to know:

Visiting the garden is free and you can see flowers from May to October. The garden is situated across the cruise ship harbour and near the university, with busses no. 20, 21, 34 and 42 passing by. A visit will take about 1-2 hours so it's the perfect thing to do if you're short on time but need some time away from the tourist crowds.

Where would you spend a sunny day in your town?

PS: If you have any been on any Scandinavian or Nordic adventures and would like to write about them on this space, give me a heads up!

The best way to spend a sunny day in Tromso? At the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden!
The best way to spend a sunny day in Tromso? At the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden!

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