The Best Thing About Early Autumn in the Arctic

The best thing about autumn in the Arctic? Isn't it just all rainy and stormy? Well most of the time, yes! But sometimes we get to experience something magical that we didn't get to see for the whole summer in the Arctic: sunsets!

After 3 months of constant daylight, I'm kinda glad that the sun sets again. Not just because it's finally dark again at night, allowing me to sleep properly, but also because we get to enjoy some pretty fabulous sunsets here in the North.

And late August/early September is the perfect time for this.

It's not as cold and rainy as it is when autumn fully hits but the Northern Lights don't come out to play yet either so seeing the sun set is the only fascinating thing you can do around this time - apart from going for a hike of course.

Last week, I spent 3 days on a work trip at a fjord an hour's drive from Tromso and while the village we stayed in didn't really have much to offer, the people who actually live there can call themselves lucky to experience the sun setting over the fjord pretty much every day - and in what a gorgeous way when the sky is clear!

So yes, this post basically has no other point than to show off some of my latest pictures.

I would have written a longer one but this whole full-time job and blog thing is kinda killing me right now.

And while I'm figuring out what to do about it, I'll head to Spain next week for 7 days without social media and hopefully lots of sunshine - and gorgeous sunsets!

Do you have a favourite spot to watch the sunset in your town?

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