Hiking under the Midnight Sun in Tromso

Hiking under the Midnight Sun - that's what people dream about when they come to Tromso. For someone like me who's living here and who's gotten so used to having daylight for 24 hours during summer, and who isn't exactly spending every weekend going hiking anyway, I tend to react a bit less enthusiastic when I hear people's plans.

When my parents visited me in June however, I knew that we had to go take the cable car at Fjellheisen and go hike just a little bit.

It wasn't exactly planned to go in the evening but as it turned out, my parents pretty much arrived on the only sunny day we had that month and it was about to rain for a week straight.

On their second day in Tromso, it was cloudy but we thought that as long as it wouldn't rain, we should still make it up the mountain as the view on Tromso from above is quite impressive anyway.

So after a really too heavy dinner, my Dad and I made our way to the cable car station and were the only guests wanting to go up the mountain at 7.30 in the evening.

Hiking that "late" in the evening and with a full stomach isn't exactly my kind of jam.

Additionally, the wind was making it quite chilly on top of the mountain and there was still lots of snow left we had to make our way through without sinking in to our knees.

Needless to say that we didn't make it quite as far as we had planned.

You see the plan was to hike up to the top of Mount Fløya which is at an altitude of nearly 700 metres while the cable car station is at about 400 metres.

As semi-sporty couch potatoes we only made it about halfway to a little cabin entirely made out of stones. It was open and looked like it could be used as a little refuge - had it not been for the fact that it was still packed with snow.

Although to be fair, snow shovels were situated at the entrance so if you're really in need...

Anyway, at that point it was about 9pm and Simon called to let us know that he and my Mum had finished their tour of the Botanic Garden and were back at the hotel so we decided to head back as well.

We would have never made it to the top of Fløya - at least not without total exhaustion.

Can you believe that some locals were actually mountain running that evening?

They passed us on the way up and were back down again faster than we could watch - okay maybe not quite as fast but there actually were several people who passed us on the way up and passed us again on our way down...

I'll never ever be in a shape like that though I get that it must be quite an amazing way to end a long day at work.

I mean the views of Tromso from above in the evening sun are pretty amazing and luckily for us, the sun actually made an appearance during our hike.

It showed up right above the mountains of the "whale island" Kvaloya and illuminated Tromso Island and the mountains of the mainland where we were hiking.

Quite an amazing view and one that you can even get for free if you're fit enough to climb the whole mountain on your own instead of taking the cable car.

The viewing platform at the station however is just gorgeous and the ride even more so.

It felt like we were driving towards the sun on our way down and we really couldn't have spend that last sunny evening that week in a better way!

Do you enjoy going hiking in the mountains? Where's your favourite spot?

Hiking under the Midnight Sun - the dream of many visiting Tromso and Northern Norway. I'm taking you on a tour up Mountain Fjellheisen in Tromso one sunny evening.
Hiking under the Midnight Sun - the dream of many visiting Tromso and Northern Norway. I'm taking you on a tour up Mountain Fjellheisen in Tromso one sunny evening.