5 Reasons to visit the Lofoten Islands in Autumn

The Lofoten Islands are truly the most fascinating place in Norway and although I do realize that the whole country is beautiful as hell, this archipelago in the Arctic is pretty much Norway in a nutshell. It's got everything! Fjords, mountains, farmland and even beaches that attract surfers from all over the world. Can you believe that?

And while I would recommend you to visit the Lofoten Islands whenever you have the chance, there is one season that I find particularly suited for a visit: Autumn! And that's not just because it's pitch black during winter because of polar night, crowded during summer with cruise ship tourists and smelly during spring as that's when cod is dried outside.

No, there are 5 other reasons why I think that the Lofoten can best be explored during autumn!

Indian summer and the first snow of the season

Admittedly, Indian summer doesn't last very long in the Arctic but for the few weeks it is there, the scenery is even more gorgeous than during the rest of the year! I mean orange leaves paired with snow-capped mountains? Must be the definition of Norwegian gorgeousness!

Also if you're lucky, you might be able to experience the first snowfall of the season during your visit and that's always a magical time, isn't it?!

The Northern Lights dancing in the sky

Ahhh yes, the Northern Lights! Of course, you could see them in December or March too and you could also go to Tromso to experience them but honestly, I think the Lofoten offer the best scenery to watch them! 

I'm totally biased though - it was in the Lofoten Islands that I got to watch purple Northern Lights for the first (and so far only) time in my life. And with a gorgeous background too. 

Last but not least, I prefer watching the lights in autumn when temperatures aren't quite as freezing as they are in the middle of winter. But who wouldn't?!

Perfect road trip weather

Chilly autumn days. You know when the sun is shining but it's cold, the air is crisp and it's windy? Or even better, it's misty or raining. Well that's what I call perfect road trip weather! 

You might be like me and not exactly up for a hike in 5 degree temperatures and fog. Sitting in a car and admiring sceneries from inside however is so much better! Stop at fjords and beaches, hop out, take pictures and then get inside, warm up and drive around again. 

Can't speak for you but I certainly enjoy those Arctic road trips!

Explore away from the crowds

Like I said, the Lofoten Islands are packed with tourists during summer. Germans coming by cruise ship and Tromso people who'd rather explore locally than to go on sydenferie. Hotel prices rise with the demand and museums are so crowded that a visit is rather stressful. 

Autumn however is low season. Just before the winter and Northern Lights season hits completely, September and October are way less crowded and much more enjoyable. 


After four months of summer where the sun doesn't set, autumn is the time to watch and enjoy as many sunsets as possible before polar nights sets and the sun disappear completely for two months. 

And you know what the best way to watch sunsets in the archipelago is? On a boat! Or ship. Whatever means of conveyance you prefer that allows you to be out on the ocean looking at the sun disappearing behind the mountains. 

So, are you up for a trip to the Lofoten Islands in autumn? Leave a comment below and don't forget to check back for replies - I always answer!

Are you interested in wallpapers from the Lofoten Islands?

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