Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

It's two weeks till Christmas - where has the time gone? I always feel like December is the shortest month of the year and I also always leave the gift buying to the last minute. 

This year however I have at least got you covered! If you're still looking for a gift for a Nordophile friend or family member or if you'd like to bring the Nordic spirit to your own house, this list will hopefully give you some inspiration.

All items are available on Amazon and as such, you can still buy them and get them delievered before Christmas - yay! (And yes, I receive a small commission if you buy any of the items which will help me on my Christmas vacation in Ireland, so thanks!!)


 1. Say Ja to Hygge  // Book - £7

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

You've probably heard all about Danish Hygge and its Scandinavian siblings by now and if not, you can always read my post. Basically, hygge is all about feeling at ease and cosy which can be achieved by decorating your flat the Nordic way or baking Scandinavian Christmas goodies

In contrast to other books explaining the hygge phenomenon (that you can really find in any bookstore around Europe right now), this one makes fun of everything hygge and I absolutely love this!! I mean guys, if you've read this post, you should know how much I love sarcasm. Sorry, not sorry. 

So if you have a grumpy friend who is a bit like me, this book is just perfect! 

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Speaking of perfect: Less humorous but all the more interesting, Michael Booth busts some common myths and stereotypes about the Nordics in this book. 

You know, I always get comments from people who'd love to live in Scandinavia as well and while I get how appealing it is, there are people who'd unfortunately like to do so for the wrong reasons. Not everything in the North is perfect and the author describes this more in depth in this book. 

I think it's a must-read for anyone who wants to understand Scandinavian culture beyond hygge!


3. Britt-Marie Was Here  //  Book - £4  

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

This novel by the Swedish author Fredrik Backman (who also wrote the popular "A Man called Ove") is the perfect holiday read! I myself read it on our sydenferie in Alicante this autumn and this book was the absolute page-turner for me! 

It's about Britt-Marie, an elderly and very quirky woman who couldn't take his husband's affair anymore and left him. After a whole life of being a housewife, she now has to face reality and ends up taking a job in the countryside, more or less by accident. 

This book is inspiring, funny, sad and absolutely heart-warming and the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one!


4. Orda - This is My Land  //  CD or MP3 Download - £8-15

The newest album of the Swedish-Sami singer-songwriter Sofia Jannok features songs in English for the first time and I although I still have a hard time getting used to that (I've seen her live in concert here in Tromso with her old songs in Swedish and Sami), I think the album is really powerful and features also two of my favourite older songs "Snow Lioness" and "Backstabbing my Gakti". 

If you haven't heard of Sofia Jannok yet, she combines the traditional Sami yoik with modern musical elements and even raps, and she's also visited Standing Rock to protest against the planned pipeline in North Dakota this year.

Her songs are really powerful and her yoik gives me the chills - in a positive way! Absolutely inspiring!


5. Sumé - The Soundtrack of a Revolution  //  DVD - £13

I already talked about this movie in my "5 (+1) Things about Greenland nobody has ever told you before" and this movie really is a must for anyone who is interested in Greenland and its relation with Denmark.

The movie is a documentary about the Greenlandic rock band Sume which started a little revolution in the country by singing about the reality of Danish colonialism in Greenlandic in the 1970s.  

I know, I've already used the word "inspiring" way too often in this post but this movie just is! 

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Warm and comfy clothes go hand in hand with Christmas right? Well these socks are just perfect! 

I've got similar ones at home and since the snow has finally got around, our floor heating hasn't been as effective as it used to be so these socks have been quite a life-saver for me.  

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Speaking of Christmas clothing, everyone should have at least one Christmas sweater in their wardrobe, right?! This one is a men's so it would make a nice gift for your Dad or boyfriend.

I actually like to wear men's sweater too - they are just so much more comfortable than the tight women ones and they perfectly hide that little post-Christmas belly... 


8. OnePiece Baby Jumpsuit Marius  //  Clothing - £40

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Know someone with a bun in the oven? Or got any nieces or nephews? Then this jumpsuit is perfect!

It's designed in the famous Norwegian Mariusgenser style and I'm really disappointed that they don't have it as an adult onesie version as well, haha... 


9. Sunset at Nyhavn - Copenhagen Denmark  //  Art Print - £25

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

If I can't live in Copenhagen, I can at least have Copenhagen on my wall, right? 

No I don't actually have this on my wall. Thanks to Casey from Land of Marvels I've at least got Iceland on my wall though! Anyway, I wish I had this. Nyhavn really is a gorgeous place and this light is just lovely!  


10. An African in Greenland  //  Book - £8

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

Another book? Well, yes! Who doesn't love books? Besides, they are the perfect gift for people who "already have everything". And this one is just really special.

"An African in Greenland" is the biography of Tete-Michel Kpomassie from Togo who dreamt about visiting Greenland since his childhood. He embarks on a journey up north that takes him 10 years but he finally arrives in his dream country. 

His adventures among the Inuit of Greenland are described in this book - absolutely recommended!  


11. Deer Antler Pendant With Chain  //  Necklace - £8

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

I don't wear jewellry very often - these days it's an effort to even take a shower, thanks polar night - but how cute is this antler necklace? I find it so charming and Nordic and would love one myself *hints*.  

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

This book is absolutely mouth-watering! Perfect for Christmas desserts or NYE festivities, this book not only has recipes for sweet cakes and pastries but even for Danish sandwiches änd Scandinavian crispbread. 

A must for any baking-enthusiast!



I really hope you can use this list as an inspiration for your Christmas shopping and you know what, I'm in a giving mood as well! Therefore I'm giving away super comfy and warm Norwegian gloves (for lady hands) to one lucky winner!

Nordic Christmas Gift Guide

They have the typical Norwegian design on the outer side and are checkered on the inside. To participate in the giveaway (and for more info) head over to Facebook.


Have any of the items caught your eye? Is there anything else from the North that's on your Christmas wish list?

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