Our Christmas Trip to Ireland through Snapchat

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas vacation and a relaxing time off! I'm back to blogging after a much needed vacation and I certainly feel refreshed. Don't worry if you think I'll publish a 2016 recap though. That's not going to happen.

Nope, I'm one of those 2016 haters who welcomed the new year by saying "Thank God it's over". Well actually I used a swear word and said something slightly different but let's keep it professional here...

Anyway, instead of boring you with a 2016 recap, I want to at least fill you in on Simon's and my trip to the Emerald Isle this Christmas. It was the first time for the both of us to spend Christmas abroad and away from our families and while it wasn't quite as festive in 13 degrees and sunshine, it certainly felt incredible to take walks at the beach with the sun shining in our faces.

Christmas in Ireland

After all, I hadn't seen the sun for over a month when we arrived in Dublin - thank you, polar night!

Our trip to Ireland wasn't just about collecting vitamin D though. It was a much needed break from work and everyday life and for me, blogging. The last couple of months I spent either at work or at home working on the blog and while I could certainly see this space growing, my mental health took definitely a turn for the worse. Polar night and 14 hour work days aren't exactly good for you, that's for sure!

So while I did take some pictures with my camera in Ireland and intend to write one, maybe two, more posts about the country, it was not a blog trip and I therefore spent more time enjoying the moment (aka breaking my bank account at Primark and eating my weight in pub food) than snapping away like crazy.

Some of you might have been following along through Snapchat, but in case you've missed it, I thought it'd be a nice change to share my trip in phone pictures for once. Not bringing my camera with me every day meant that I took a lot more fun and spontaneous pictures than usual and I'm quite certain that they'll give you quite a good impression of what Ireland can be like during the festive season.

Christmas in Ireland

I loved all the Christmas decorations in Dublin but I did miss a proper Christmas market. I was expecting to drink mulled wine and go ice-skating at the markets but there wasn't really anything in town. The Christmas market at the CHQ closed down at 4pm every day (who visits a Christmas market during the day?!!) and there was another one in a kind of theme park which we only got to know about on Boxing Day (or St. Stephen's Day as the Irish call it) which coincidentally was also the only day you had to pay a hefty entrance fee...

So it wasn't quite as festive as I had imagined Christmas in Dublin to be but our lovely Airbnb host provided us with mulled wine, Christmas cookies and of course crackers so that we at least got to know the Irish/British way of celebrating with paper crowns on our heads!

Christmas in Ireland

Speaking of celebrating a proper Christmas - we certainly didn't go hungry! I absolutely love pubs and pub food and we can't say that we've been disappointed in Ireland! We did get to eat a lot more than just fish and chips though. From having breakfast at a French creperie to eating pizza in an old bus to trying whiskey for the first time, our time in Ireland has certainly been a culinary experience!

We did a whiskey tasting session at the Irish Whiskey Museum which is one that you should definitely visit if you're in Dublin! I loved hearing all about the history of whiskey in Ireland and now I at least know how to properly drink whiskey. I still prefer Irish Cream but it was a great experience!

We also visited the Guinness Storehouse and while I initially thought it'd be wasted money (I only went because Simon really wanted to go), it turned out to be a really interesting museum and the view over Dublin from the Guinness Skybar is certainly impressive!

Christmas in Ireland

We didn't just eat and drink of course. We got to see quite a lot of the country - from Dublin to Belfast to the West Coast and the Cliffs of Moher, to Howth and Malahide Castle, Ireland certainly had a lasting impression on us. Our highlight was of course the trip to the Cliffs of Moher. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and had clear blue skies. Also, we got to meet the lovely Tais from Nyr Dagur Blog who showed us around Dublin and took us on a walk at the cliffs with her boyfriend! We definitely felt very welcomed!


How was your Christmas break? Did you spend it abroad too?

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