The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Dublin

One of the many reasons why I fell in love with Dublin is definitely all the amazing food I got to eat there! And while I certainly visited a fair share of nice restaurants and pubs during my 9-day stay in the city, I know someone who is lucky enough to live there: Welcome Tais from Nyr Dagur Blog!

I teamed up with Tais to write the ultimate foodie guide to Dublin with all of her favourite places to eat (the local's perspective) and all of my favourite places (the tourist's perspective). And funnily enough, we even have some favourites in common!

Make sure you don't eat this post on an empty stomach though - or if you do, be prepared that you might end up booking a flight to Dublin!

Tais' Favourites:

The Mongolian Barbecue

This place is really nice, my perfect combination of cheap and good food.

Here you create your own food, choosing whatever ingredients and sauces you wish. First, you have to get a bowl and add your selection of meat, seafood, noodles, vegetables, tofu or whatever might take your fancy. Secondly, you can add a variety of select spices, herbs and sauces!

After you create all this in your bowl, you give it to the grillers, and they will mix them up and cook them using a traditional Mongolian grill.

Also, they give you rice and water to go along with your meal.

If you are a vegetarian like me, you have the option of getting two bowls, as you don`t get any meat or seafood.  You simply tell one of the grillers you are vegetarian, and they will mix yours separate from the rest.

I enjoy creating a diverse mix of flavours every time I go there!

Where:  7 Anglesea Street, Temple Bar – Dublin 2


Fusion Sundays Market

If you happen to be in Dublin on the second Sunday of a month, you should definitely check this market out.

Here you can find stalls from around the world; the aim of this market is to gather, celebrate, and focus on ethnic diversity in Ireland. 

A perfect place for people who like to try new tastes; every time I go offers a new and distinct tasting experience trying different food (actually, it`s a paradise for vegetarians!).

Besides the food, the market has stalls selling handmade goods, arts and crafts, clothes etc. Be sure and try the Moroccan tea, I recommend it!

They also have workshops, dances and live music!

Where:  8 – 12 New Market, Dublin 8


Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Considered to be the highest pub in Ireland, located on top of the Dublin Mountains, Johnnie Fox’s is a great place to go to take a journey back in time and enjoy delicious Irish food and a good session of traditional Irish Music.

This pub is outside Dublin City, but you can easily get a bus from the city centre that brings you there.

The pub is inundated with historical Irish antiques and decorations - it is like going to your grandma’s house.  The cosy atmosphere is certainly something that makes me like this place as well.

Irish pubs are not only for drinking, they serve good food, and at Johnnie Fox it is no different, the food never disappoints.  For my fellow vegetarians, their vegetarian lasagne is a must! For anybody else, the fresh Irish mussels steamed in garlic sauce are also recommended. 

Where: Glencullen, County Dublin

Queen of Tarts

Let’s talk about treats shall we?

Tired after all the sightseeing and walking around in Dublin? What better to do than stop for a lovely slice of sweet cake and a cuppa of tea? 

Queen of Tarts is a café and patisserie from heaven.  They make delicious deserts, freshly baked each day. I feel like being in a doll house, having my afternoon tea with adorable tea cups, charming ceramics, and dreamy cakes.

Where:  Cow Lane, Dame Street and Cork Hill, Dame Street – Dublin 2

Van's Favourites:


Le Petit Breton

Conveniently located just across the street from our Airbnb, this French creperie caught my eye immediately. Here you can enjoy a nice crepe for lunch or dinner with delicious French cider.

foodie guide dublin

Instead of eating lunch or dinner, we opted for breakfast instead and I'm glad we did. While I had a continental breakfast of crepe, croissant, bread, orange juice, jam, honey and tea, the boyfriend chose the Irish breakfast option with bacon, black pudding, egg, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Neither one of us was hungry again before dinner that day and we thoroughly enjoyed our food. The cafe is beautifully decorated too and the staff is very kind. Thumbs up from me!

Where: Drumcondra Rd Lower - Dublin 9


The Grand Central

We stumbled into the Grand Central more or less by accident on our first night. After walking down the shopping mile, we decided to have a bite before searching for (the as it turns out non-existent) Christmas markets in town and the Grand Central was the first bar that met our eyes.

Really glad for this as it turns out, this bar is highly popular among locals and visitors alike and we managed to get a table right before the crowds rushed in.

Lunch and beer at Grand Central 😍

Ein von Kate Hayman (@kateehayman) gepostetes Foto am

The food is typical pub food. We had gratinated chicken baguettes with fries which were absolutely delicious and a cocktail for dessert - I did mention it was our first night in Dublin, right?

Anyway, what I loved most about the Grand Central was the atmosphere. The bar is situated in a former bank from the 1920s with very tall ceilings and pro tip: a much quieter back room. Definitely head here!

Where: 10-11 O Connell Street - Dublin 1


VAT House Bar

Another lucky find of ours on the search for a pub to drink Irish coffee.

The lovely Christmas decorations and their sign in Norwegian is what drove us in and we loved it so much that after enjoying some fabulous cheese cake and chocolate brownie cake with Baileys and Irish coffee, we decided to come back later for dinner.

While the boyfriend had a steak with fries, I had a chicken curry. We both loved the food and even more so, the atmosphere and music and if we'd live in Dublin, this would probably be our go-to pub!

Where: Temple Bar, Anglesea Street - Dublin 2

Tais' and Van's mutual favourites:


The Bernard Shaw Pub – Big Blue Bus

Tais says:

If you like discovering new and authentic places, Bernard Shaw is your choice! This pub has a really nice atmosphere, with cool graffiti and quirky artwork decorating the rooms. What makes it more unique, is that inside the pub you will find a colourful Blue Bus which has been transformed into a restaurant.

They serve delicious pizza there, and you can eat either outdoors on the benches and seats, in the pub, or inside the bus. I mean, where else could you eat a pizza inside a decorated vintage bus?

Apart from the visual aspect, the pizza is really nice (try the vegan one!) and during the week days you can have a combination of pizza + a pint of beer for a good price.

Van says:

I have to admit, when Tais dragged us all the way across the city centre by foot, I did question whether this place would be worth it... but spoiler alert: yes, of course it was!

The atmosphere and style of the bus is absolutely unique and the pizza came straight from heaven! I'm so glad Tais brought us there - we would have never found out about this place otherwise!

Where:  11 – 12 South Richmond Street – Dublin 2


Eddie Rocket’s

Tais says:

More than likely, most of you will have seen places like Eddie Rocket`s. These are an Irish restaurant chain specialising in American retro dinning. I particularly like this kind of place when I have a hunger for a really nice burger and a gigantic cup of milkshake.

The variety of milkshakes there is just amazing, I really love it and it is worth every single penny.

I guess this one doesn’t need to be explained much, a nice gourmet burger and a milkshake, can’t go wrong with that, right?

foodie guide dublin

Van says:

The boyfriend discovered Eddie's on our second day and we were immediately hooked. It took us until the last day of our stay to finally eat there (the queues at lunch time just before Christmas were crazy!), but it was certainly worth the wait.

Their menu is impressive! I actually had to tell the waiters to wait 5 times cause I just couldn't decide - the staff is really fast though so I didn't actually sat and stared at the menu for an hour, haha.

Where:  Different locations in Dublin like O'Connell Street, Grafton Street area, Temple Bar etc.

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