Travel Plans for 2017 and Reader Survey

Now's the time to book your next trip! Of course, if you live in Tromso or anywhere else that can be described as the end of the world, January airline sales might not be quuuiiite as helpful as they should be... Anyway, I've started to look into my travels for the first half of the year and thought I'd share my plans with you, along with a reader survey that I would love for you to fill out at the end!

2017 is a big year for me - I'll leave Tromso! Now I say that as if it's a relief and although it sometimes actually feels that way, I know that many of you enjoy my Tromso content most and might be disappointed. I've stated a few reasons for why I'm going to leave Tromso after 3 years this summer in previous posts but it's mainly got to do with the tense (and thus overpriced) housing market in the city and its location so far north which makes it very difficult to travel as much as I'd like.

Simon and I haven't quite finalized our move just yet but I'll tell you more when the time is right. For now I just wanted to talk about what the move means for the blog. Obviously there will be less Tromso pictures on Instagram and less posts about the city on the blog too. However there'll always be my guidebook and I'll continue to provide information on Tromso on my FAQ page and in old and new blog posts. 

Snow in Tromso

As for the name Snow in Tromso - I realize that it might be weird to keep it when I live somewhere else BUT Snow in Tromso has always been about Northern Europe and the Nordic countries too and after all, it describes my journey of moving to the Arctic and exploring other places in the North, so as of right now, I intend to keep it. Besides, changing the name would be a big hastle!

Having said that, I'm in no way turning my back to the Arctic. I absolutely love the high North and just because I don't cope well with polar night (and hence shouldn't live there), I'll by no means stop exploring this region! In fact, a move to Southern Scandinavia will make it so much easier to travel to other Arctic regions as there's no way to get to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands from Tromso and slightly difficult to get to Swedish or Finnish Lapland if you don't have a car.

However there are 2 places which are relatively easy to reach from Tromso and which have been on my bucket list for ages: Svalbard and Kiruna! It'll never be as easy to reach any of these two and I won't leave Tromso without having visited them!


Kiruna in Swedish Lapland


Kiruna can be reached from Tromso by bus and train which makes it a very affordable trip for us. This mining city just across the Norwegian border near Narvik is in the process of moving to expand the mining and I can't wait to learn more about this! I've also heard that you can go on a moose safari there and since I still haven't seen one moose since moving to Norway 2,5 years ago, that safari is totally on my list!


Svalbard in Northern Norway


Now Svalbard is a bucket list item for many and it's not difficult to understand why. The Arctic archipelago Spitsbergen is literally the last stop before the North Pole and offers breath-taking mountain and glacier views and abandoned mining towns that I would love to visit more than anything!


Roadtrippin Central Denmark

I also wanted to go on a trip with my family. As we didn't see each other for Christmas, we decided to meet at Easter instead and basically wanted to meet "in the middle" - so somewhere between Tromso and Germany. After giving it a lot of thought and trying to choose between Oslo and Denmark, our choice fell on Denmark and I'm really glad about that. 

Not that Oslo isn't a nice city but I've already been there and would like to explore somewhere new if that makes sense. And what better place could there be than the European Capital of Culture 2017? Yes, that's right - I'm going to Aarhus!

And not only that. Since my parents will travel from Germany by car, we will do some roadtrips in the area and I've already have my eye on Odense and Esbjerg and maybe even Legoland in Billund? After all, I'll fly back to Tromso from Billund and you can't visit town without stopping at Legoland, right?!

For the journey out, I'm thinking of taking the scenic route and travel by ferry between Norway and Denmark. I haven't travelled by ship for a year and have an absolute wanderlust for being out on the ocean!

So basically, there'll be a lot of Denmark content coming your way this spring! Are you excited yet? I certainly am!

Otherwise I'm determined to make the most of my time in Tromso and explore and do whatever I haven't seen and done in the last 2,5 years yet. Maybe I go on that spa cruise? Or I'll finally learn how to ski?

Anyway, you'll see what I'll decide in the end. Just follow along!


Reader Survey

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