Mjelle Beach - A Photographer's Paradise near Bodø

Judging by the number of times I recommend people to visit Bodø, you must think that I've spent the last 3 years of my life there and not in Tromsø.

Seriously though, whenever people ask me about where to visit in Northern Norway besides Tromsø, Bodø is no doubt the first place that comes to mind. 

The city is close to the Lofoten Islands but has a ton of gorgeous gems right in its own vicinity. One of those places is Mjelle - a stunning Arctic beach where they could very well have filmed Cast Away!

Only that Tom Hanks wouldn't have survived that long in those Arctic temperatures... 


Mjelle Beach is only a half hour drive from Bodø and it's the perfect place for all the bloggers, instagrammers and photographers among you!

I actually only visited Mjelle in the hope to get to Hovden, a tiny beach between two rocks off the coast of Bodø. It seemed possible to get there from the parking lot at Mjelle but we couldn't have been more unfortunate with the weather that day.

Not only was it pouring rain as you can see in the vlog, but it was also incredibly stormy so that the hike on rocky terrain would have been pretty dangerous. Instead of risking broken ankles, we, therefore, decided to explore Mjelle Beach more in depth instead.

What makes Mjelle so special?

Believe it or not but there are lots of beaches close to Bodø, specifically on the peninsula Kjerringøy. When visiting, you will have most of them entirely to yourself. Mjelle Beach however, is quite popular among locals and people flock here on a warm and sunny day.

Obviously, you don't want to be one of hundred others when visiting so why should you head to Mjelle when there are so many other alternatives?

Well, first of all, when I say that Mjelle is popular, I'm speaking about 50 to maybe 100 people on a very good day. After all, beaches in the Arctic aren't quite as crowded as beaches in Spain - not even on a warm and sunny day. 

Apart from that, I think that Mjelle is a photographer's paradise.

The beach offers countless of motifs and backdrops for great pictures and you can even find lots of props for your pictures - whether that's a herd of sheep or a random armchair.

I'm not quite sure what the deal is with the latter - whether someone tried to get rid of it at the beach or whether it was deliberately put there - but it made an awesome prop for some pictures!

And if you're not exactly a fan of armchairs full of sheep dung (I hear ya), you can always try the classic "dragging your boyfriend around the world" shot 'cause we all know how much fame that we'll get us on Instagram...

My pictures actually look like a sack of potatoes dragging Simon over the beach so I'm not so sure about the Instagram fame here, though.


How to get to Mjelle Beach?

Mjelle is situated a little over 20km from Bodø and makes for a nice 30-minute drive.

Unfortunately, renting a car is your best (and pretty much only) option if you're visiting Bodø as the bus service is quite infrequent once you leave the city center and busses furthermore don't stop anywhere close to Mjelle. 

When to visit Mjelle?

As you can see, Mjelle is even stunning on a rainy day so it doesn't matter too much when you plan to visit. However, I can only imagine how beautiful it must be on a sunny day in summer to watch the Midnight Sun or to see the Northern Lights in winter! 

I would love to come back and see the beach covered in snow one day!


More information on visiting Bodø

  • Where to eat:
    Egon on Moloveien for comfort food
  • Where to go for drinks:
    Kaptein Larsen on Storgata
  • Must-see sights in the city:
    The Norwegian Aviation Museum, the harbour and all the gorgeous street art
  • Other must-see's in the region: Saltstraumen & Kjerringøy


Would you visit the beach on a rainy day or are you more a "there has to be sunshine to visit the beach" kind of person? 😉

Leave a comment below! 



PS: For more info about visiting Norway, head over to my FAQ page.

More about Bodø and Nordland:


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