Nordic Inspiration: My favourite Instagrammers up north

Let's be honest, Instagram has changed a lot lately! And I'm not just talking about how it's made things difficult for bloggers and brands because that's a totally different story. But from a user's perspective? There are accounts that I absolutely adore but because they don't post often, I sometimes don't even get to see their newest picture until they've posted one or two even newer ones. 

It sucks! But nonetheless, I use the app daily and scroll through my very Nordic feed to drool over the snow in Tromsø, or to figure out where I'd like to head next. My favourite accounts on Instagram, however, are not those curators who all post the same image they found on yet another curator's account, but the profiles that actually have character.

Those, that are managed by someone who shares his or her own images and experiences up north. Those, where you can see the owner's personality in the feed. 


Luckily, despite all the hundreds of soulless feature accounts that are out there, there are also tons of Nordophiles with unique accounts - and thus, here's a list of the ones that I enjoy most seeing on my Instagram feed: 



Suspension bridge over the Nass River. 🙈

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Gloria Dickie (@gloriadickie) am

Gloria is an environmental journalist, a job which often brings her on assignment to Alaska, Canada and the Rocky Mountains. I think I've been following her since I first joined Instagram. Her feed is full of pictures and stories about indigenous tribes, the wilderness and wildlife - she's even seen lots of bears! Her pictures definitely fuel my dream to visit the true north of North America one day - and they might also fuel yours!



Silje lives with her two incredibly cute dogs Milo and Maro in my old neighbourhood in Tromsø and I watch her Insta Stories pretty much every day to see what's going on in my old hood! Her dogs love snow as much as I do and it's so much fun to see them playing in it and running up and down the mountains. A definite must to-follow if you love snow, Tromsø and dogs!



It's autumn out there - office view 🍂

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Cristina H (@cristinaatravels) am

Cristina is a flight attendant in Norway (hello dream job) and gets to travel the country and see it from above every day. I've only recently discovered her account, full of stunning pictures of Norway (but also other countries she heads to) as seen from the air and from the ground. Her feed is absolutely adorable and she's just spent a few days in snowy Lofoten, making me want to visit the islands in winter so badly! Definitely follow her for more!



Sophia attends the Norwegian School of Photography but her feed looks like she already is a pro! Her account has it all - Northern Lights, fjords and mountains - and since she's from Bodø, she even features the region around the city quite often, which you all know, I'm obsessed with! Follow her for stunning imagery from Northern Norway!



Soffía is a fellow German, living in Iceland and showcasing her love for the country on her feed. Her pictures are mostly kept in different shades of grey, green and white, giving her images a very characteristic look that I absolutely adore! If you'd like to hear more about what it's like to move to Iceland and get your daily dose of the North, go follow her!



Elise Annie is from Bodø and yes, you've guessed it, she features this amazing region on her lovely feed! What I love most about her images from the mountains of the Lofoten Islands and the beaches around Bodø, is that her pictures are very raw and pure - after all, Northern Norway doesn't need a filter! Elise Annie is your girl to follow if you'd like to see the north from a different perspective!



Jan Erik is a German photographer who specializes in the Nordic countries. His images on Instagram are kept in very dark and mysterious shades, making the North look absolutely magical! Not only that, but he also sells his Lightroom presets on his website, which have definitely changed the way I edit my own pictures. Go and have a look at his feed - you'll love it!



Lavskrika + kexchoklad = ❤️

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Katarina Wohlfart (@antligenvilse) am

Antligenvilse is a Swedish travel blog by Katarina where she writes about the North in depth. On her Instagram account, she takes you on her journeys through Sweden, the Baltics and beyond, and she'll amaze you with the quality of her pictures. She certainly amazes me and has me drooling over her feed all the time, so go and check her out!

Of course, I follow quite a few accounts, most of which are all about the Nordics, so there are many more awesome Instagram profiles out there! But personally, I love these because they're just a little bit different to what you'd usually see.

And hopefully, you're also enjoying my own Instagram @snowintromso, where I'm currently sharing all about my adventures in Svalbard this summer. If not, click on any of the images below to visit my profile!

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Tell me, do you know any Nordic IG profiles I should be following?

Leave a comment below!



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