They said it only ever rained in Stavanger // A Winter Photo Diary

When I moved to Stavanger, I was almost certain that from now on, I'd only ever see snow when visiting Simon's family for the Easter holidays. Literally, everyone told us that "it only ever rains in Stavanger" and asked if we wouldn't miss the snow in Tromsø

Of course, we would, but as it turns out - there was no need to worry!

Admittedly, Christmas in Stavanger was rather wet and stormy as usual but then again, we spent the holidays in green Germany anyway...

Right on time for the third of Advent, though, we got heaps of snowfall in Stavanger and if you, like me, spent the holidays without snow, this photo diary might get you right back into the festive spirit.

Stavanger totally transformed into a winter wonderland overnight and the Iron Age Farm in our backyard pretty much looked like a polar desert.

And contrary to what Tromsø looks like in December, we even got to enjoy my favourite kind of weather: snow and sunshine! Needless to say that it was absolutely fabulous!

Here's where you should head if you ever visit Stavanger when it's snowed:

  • The Iron Age Farm Jernaldergården

  • Ullandshaugtårnet

  • The Botanical Garden close to UiS

And if you can't find any snow in the city? Head to the mountains! Sirdal is where most locals head to ski. The community is only a one and a half hour drive from Stavanger and you can even go dog-sledding there!

Even if you didn't get to play in the snow this year, though, I hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration and are hopefully enjoying a few days off! 

What would you prefer - a walk in the snow or going skiing?

Leave a comment below!




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