Where to find the best Burger in Tromso

Eating at Burgr Bar has been on our bucket list for Tromso for ages, so when the opportunity arouse to head there the other week, we just couldn't say no! Basically, Burgr only opened its doors in 2016 but it's quickly become the favourite restaurant/bar of many locals in Tromso and that's not just because you can find the best burger in town here.

It's because the whole place is inspired by Super Mario and other classic video games!

Situated across of the pedestrian street Storgata, Burgr is part of the successful restaurant and bar Hildr close by, which already is many a local's favourite.

Burgr has been opened as a more fast-food oriented place, hence why you can only find burgers, fries and snacks on the menu, but it also aims to serve as a local hang-out. On a Wednesday night, the place was packed, but we quickly understood why: the food really is that good and the atmosphere couldn't be more relaxed. 

While you wait for your burger, milkshake or even cocktail to arrive, you can play arcade games or Super Mario and basically just totally forget time!

Simon went for a double Bullet Bill burger with BBQ sauce, crispy onion, beer-battered bacon, salad and cheddar cheese, while I had a Mario burger with tomato, salad, onion, hot sauce and mayo. As I don't like beef and they don't have any chicken burgers on the menu, I went for the veggie option and got the burger as a lentils and beans patty, which was really good!

In addition, we shared some home-made sweet potato fries and paid a little over 400 NOK for everything.

The portions were more than enough for us and we were very satified with the food. Simon claims that his was the best burger he's ever eaten in Tromso and I can say that my veggie burger was one of the best I've ever had as well.

Furthermore, the friendly staff and the extremely cosy and fun environment also had a share in us having a great evening at Burgr Bar!

If you're visiting Tromso and are looking for a not too pricey, fun place to eat - Burgr should totally be on your list! They're open from noon to 7.30 pm on Sundays and Mondays, and until 10.30 pm the rest of the week. You can find Burgr on Skippergata 6A

If you're interested in more great restaurants and cafes in Tromso, get my guidebook where I list all my favourite budget-friendly places!


Where did you eat the best burger you've ever had? 

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