6 Ingredients for a Norwegian Easter Vacation

Easter is almost here and since Vanessa has already left for Denmark, I'm taking over the blog today and thought I could share with you some Norwegian Easter traditions. You might recognize some of them or you have them in your country yourself or maybe, they're just completely new to you!

I however have to start by saying that even though I'm Norwegian myself, I technically never had a "traditional Norwegian Easter vacation" as my family always spends the holidays in Sweden... But we sure follow most of the Norwegian traditions!

So here's what you need to spend Easter the Norwegian way:


1. A cabin in the mountains

While other people might enjoy the first signs of spring and warmth during Easter, most Norwegians head to their cabin in the snowy mountains for a few days without TV, internet or heated bathrooms.

norwegian easter traditions

Our own cabin is in Swedish Lapland and it's so secluded that you can only get there by snowmobile during the winter and by boat in summer.


2. A pair of skis

Cabin vacations in the mountains mean skiing! Norwegians are famous for skiing - in fact there is a Norwegian saying that all Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.

I personally spend my holidays snowboarding though but just in general, Norwegians use the time at Easter to be outside in the nature - whether that's going for a hike or just working on the first tan of the year!

norwegian easter traditions

But there is also something known as City Easter, which is becoming more and more popular, where people basically stay in the city and relax at home instead.


3. Outdoor snacks and dinner

When we're not skiing, we make a barbecue and grill sausages, eat oranges and the famous Kvikk Lunsj chocolate (which is a bit like a KitKat, but Norwegian). We also drink a lot of Solo (which again, is a bit like Fanta, but Norwegian!).

norwegian easter traditions

On Easter Eve, lamb or chicken is a traditional dinner for many. On Easter Sunday, we don't celebrate much and usually eat whatever we want in my family. 


4. Crime novels and crime shows

During the evenings in the cabin, there's isn't much to do other than to relax and read. For some reason, crime novels have become really popular here in Norway during Easter so everyone buys a few before heading to the cabin.

In fact, the traditional Easter Crime has become so important, that there's one printed on the side of the milk cartons. It’s a crime cartoon and people can solve the crime and send in their answers to win a prize after the holidays.

norwegian easter traditions

In addition, there are a lot of crime movies being shown during Easter on TV. Basically, Easter in Norway means crime novels and crime shows!


5. Quizzes and board games

Another Easter tradition is the Easter Quiz. Every year there are many Easter quiz books published and they come with every magazine you buy. There is also a tradition to arrange quiz nights, where people can mingle and drink and figure out who is the smartest.

norwegian easter traditions

Also, board games and card games have been very popular for families to play. Everyone participates and enjoys a round or two together. Those board games can be Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Geni (Norway’s answer to Trivial Pursuit) and Risk.  


6. Candy

Last but not least, we also have the traditional Easter egg but in Norway it is completely filled with candy. In the supermarkets the candy aisle gets ridiculously big each year, and you can buy huge cardboard eggs filled with chocolate and jelly beans.

norwegian easter traditions

In addition, we have Easter marzipan. It’s the same as the famous Norwegian Christmas marzipan, only that it comes in Easter shapes.


How are you spending Easter? And would you like to try the Norwegian way one day?


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