Welcome to Stavanger


After 5 turbulent weeks in Fauske, we've finally moved down south and if you're following me on Instagram, you already know where. Gorgeous Stavanger - the home of Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Kjerag and anything else that tourists love so much about Norway!

I can't say that we've explored much just yet. Getting our flat ready and settling in took a bit longer than expected - hence the sudden blog hiatus, sorry for that! Now everything's back to normal though and we're slowly starting to get into a routine again. As we've only been to Stavanger once for house showings before actually moving here, there's so much left for us to explore - in our own backyard and the whole west coast of Norway in general.

But for now, let me show you around my new, colourful home base in the south:

We've lucked out with a gorgeous apartment close to the university. Simon's going back to uni for a year to become a certified teacher and we're in walking distance to the shopping mall and the "swords in rock" monument, so the location is perfect!

It took us a few days of DIY-ing but we've managed to create a cosy home for ourselves that we're absolutely happy with! We did downsize from our flat in Tromsø, going from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom flat but besides saving money, we've actually gained in comfort.

I don't want to compare Tromsø and Stavanger too much as the cities are totally different from each other but when it comes to housing, we definitely had a much bigger choice here than up north. 

After 3 years of living in the land of the Midnight Sun, moving to Stavanger in August and experiencing dark nights again was definitely an adjustment though. The first couple of days felt like autumn to me as we wouldn't get a sunset at 10 pm in Tromsø until September.

It's weird.

Then again, I cannot wait for bright days in the middle of winter. Like I'm actually looking forward to the Christmas season already!

If there's one thing that bothers me, it'd be people (*cough* northerners *cough*) trying to convince us that Tromsø is much better. I mean, there's a reason for why we left (tons actually) and while we're super excited to explore our new home and discover everything the region has to offer, some people really make us feel as though we have to justify our choice of moving here/expect us to move back one day.

Spoiler alert: no, we don't!

It's quite funny that we're here though cause when we first looked into moving south last summer, Stavanger seemed like the perfect option! Tons of direct flights, situated halfway between both of our families, lots of beaches but also tons of mountains, a cheaper housing market (for the moment), and just in general tons of things to do. 

I really really wanted to move here but we had to wait to hear back from Simon's applications. And what a long wait it was! He applied for a few PhD positions and teacher training programs and for a while we thought we were going to move to Berlin, then Kristiansand, then Bergen - before we finally got notice from Stavanger. It was a whirlwind but now we're here and I can't wait to start traveling from Sola airport!

I'll actually be headed to Switzerland for work next month and the journey takes a mere 4 hours with a brief stop in Copenhagen - just amazing how fast it can be to travel in Europe if you don't live up in the Arctic, haha!

Anyway, in addition to posts about our new home, I still have tons of stuff left to post from my trip to Svalbard, my summer with the reindeer in Fauske and not to forget my trip to Denmark earlier this year. I honestly don't even know where to start!

So... if there's anything you're dying to hear more about, leave your requests in a comment and I'll make sure to take it into consideration!

What part of the Nordics/my life up North would you like to read more about?

Leave a comment below!



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