5 Things to Do in Norway During the Winter for the Adventurous Spirit

 **This is a guest post by Hannah Parker**

The cold weather can make you want to snuggle up next to a fire and drink hot chocolate during the winter time. But if you have an adventurous spirit, the cold weather just makes you wish for the warmth so you can get back to exploring the outdoors.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait till summer to let your adventurous spirit run wild—not in Norway, at least. It is one of the best countries to visit during the winter season for any adventurer. Here are five amazing things to do while you’re there.

1. Snowkiting

Location: Hardangervidda
When: February - April
Price: $143.18 to $429.65 (depending on number of hours on course)

You no longer have to wait for long, hot summer days to whip out your kites. In Hardangervidda you can grab a kite and some skis and hit the slopes. Snowkiting is a popular winter sport in Norway and is relatively easy to pick up.

Photo Credit:  Wareck  at  French Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wareck at French Wikipedia

In Hardangervidda, you can rent a kite komplet for $67 and spend two hours on a course for $143.18, or ten hours for $429.65. This crazy winter sport will make you wish you lived in Norway so you can play all day. During the courses, you’ll have a trainer with you to help you navigate the skis and kite. As soon as you get the hang of it, you’re free to go alone.

On your next trip to Norway make sure to check out some of the awesome courses for snowkiting. You’ll be happy you did!


2. Go Dog Sledding

Location: Geilo
When: December - March
Price: $142.35 (1190 Norwegian Kroner)

Dog sledding is not something you can do or see at any old ski resort. In the small town of Geilo in Southern Norway you can hop on some skis and explore the snowy mountains surrounding the town. There are many dog sledding companies throughout Norway, but our favorite one is in Geilo: Fagerlund Husky.

You will be surrounded by stunning views as you are pulled around by strong Alaska huskies. But the best part about this company in particular is that they allow you to be the one leading the dogs through the wilderness.

adventurous things to do in norway in winter

If you truly have an adventurous spirit, the sound of that should get your blood pumping. A guide will follow you just in case, but you have full control over leading the dogs where you want to go. The best time to go is during the winter time when there is the most snowfall. So pack your bags, choose a sledding company, and get ready to sled with the dogs! 


3. Stay in an Ice Hotel

Location: Kirkenes
When: December 20th - April 20th
Price: $406.81 (3400 Norwegian Kroner)

If you really want the adventure of a lifetime and jaw-dropping stories to tell your friends, stay at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. This hotel is no ordinary place to stay. You will be sleeping inside of a giant igloo right underneath the Northern Lights when you spend a night here.

adventurous things to do in norway in winter

Kirkenes Snow Hotel is definitely unique and not everyone can tough out the cold. That’s what puts this on our list of the best things to do in Norway for the adventurous type. To help you out with the chilly nights, the hotel will provide you with thermal clothing and sleeping gear.

There are few other places in the world you can go to sleep inside of a real-life igloo, so don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity this winter season.


4. Visit the Rjukan Ice festival

Location: Rjukan
When: February 9th-11th
Price: Free

You must have a genuinely adventurous soul to attend the Rjukan Ice Festival this February. It is hosted in Rjukan, a town known for ice climbing, and is a celebration of ice climbers.

adventurous things to do in norway in winter

The event takes place over three days and consists of one single activity: climbing as many frozen waterfalls as possible. There are over 190 waterfalls for you to climb in Rjukan. You might be worried about your lack of experience climbing ice, but if you attend this event, you’ll have nothing to fear. You’ll be surrounded by experienced ice climbers to help you out.

If you’re up for a serious thrill, then make sure to put this adventure on your list for the winter.


5. Go Ice Fishing

Location: Gjøvik
When: December - April
Price: Free

Ice fishing may sound like a dull activity, but it is the perfect venture for any adventurer. You start off by drilling holes into a frozen lake (bet you’ve never done that before). Then, you set up your gear and cast your pole through the small hole to catch some fish.

Unlike normal fishing, ice fishing requires a lot more skill. Instead of being able to cast your line into an open lake, you have to maneuver your line through a tiny hole. If you love a challenge and a good story to tell, then try your hand at ice fishing this winter.

adventurous things to do in norway in winter

It is a favorite pastime for many Norwegians and quite possibly could become one of yours too.

Norway has so much to see and experience, and the winter is the time to do it.
You don’t want to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime, do you?
So book your tickets as soon as possible!


Would you be up for any of these activities? 

Leave a comment below!




About the author:

Hannah Parker is a writer for trekbible and dreams of being an investigative journalist, or maybe a world traveling videographer, or perhaps the next voice of NPR; basically Hannah wants to be a multimedia journalist. Her voice is too big for her small body so she likes to stand on tall surfaces and shout very, very loudly. Hannah has many passions (some including poetry and the occasional chicken nugget or two) but is always searching for her next hobby.


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