Where to find the best views in Copenhagen

**This is a guest post by Cal Bailey**

Copenhagen is already one of Europe’s most popular cities, but by many, it is still often overlooked and remains a gem of undiscovered beauty. It offers colour and culture enough to rival any city in the world! Copenhagen’s rich and powerful history as the capital of the Danish Empire interweaves beautifully with some of today’s sleekest metropolitan advancement, making this a destination to draw travellers of every sort of interest (unless you like mountains, that is).

Worth mentioning, in particular, is the predominance of classic architecture, as well as the system of canals. And Copenhagen isn’t called “the city of towers” for no reason - the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Denmark’s capital is by climbing one of its many viewpoints.

Due to strict fire laws during its construction, Copenhagen has evolved with an extremely low skyline. This is broken only by an impressive array of churches and a scattering of other towering buildings, all of which offer quite picturesque views.

The Round Tower

Though admission costs 25 DKK (approx. 3,36€), the Round Tower, or Rundetårn, is not only perhaps Copenhagen’s most famous viewpoint - largely due to its historical significance - but the oldest functioning space observatory in all of Europe, and almost 400 years old.

Though the tower itself is only 36 meters tall, the equestrian staircase which winds around its core, is over 260 meters long along the outer wall, requiring visitors to walk a healthy distance before being rewarded by the splendid view.

Vor Frelsers Kirke

Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Savior’s Church) is another of Copenhagen’s noted landmarks, most famous for the helix staircase which winds 100 meters up its spire to a bell tower at the top, offering a splendid view of the entire city centre.

The last 150 steps are actually outside the tower and wind counterclockwise, which is a distinctly atypical design.

City Hall

Another impressive view of the city centre is that seen from the tower of Copenhagen City Hall, one of the tallest towers of the city and a worthwhile historical visit in its own right.

Picture credit:    Axel Kuhlmann

Picture credit: Axel Kuhlmann

The nearby amusement park Tivoli Gardens can also be overlooked from here. Admission cost is 30 DKK, or around 4€.

Sky Bar at the Bella Sky Hotel

The Sky Bar atop Bella Sky Hotel offers one of Copenhagen’s newer, more ritzy experiences.

The futuristically designed hotel is actually the largest in Scandinavia, and its location at Bella Center Station on Amager Island gives it both, easy access and a location on a more peaceful and off-beat part of the city.

Christiansborg Palace

Boasting the highest tower of Copenhagen (at 106 metres) and only opened to the public as recently as 2014, Christiansborg Palace offers an unrivalled panorama of many of the city’s most noted historic buildings.

Formerly the residence of the Danish royal family, the palace now hosts the Parliament and other government offices. A summer sunset over central Copenhagen’s iconic orange-roofed buildings is absolutely stunning - but even more so as seen from this tower.

The best part is: It’s completely free of charge!


have you ever been to copenhagen? WHat are some of your favourite spots in the city?

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