Why we are all "Nordic Insiders" and what that means for my blog


Can I be brutally honest with you? I've lost my blogging mojo. 

That is I did loose it. Then I took a month off as I didn't really have time to write anyway, and now I'm getting back into it and feel as refreshed as ever! 

I've been thinking a lot about what I hate about the current state of blogging, lately. For instance, the fact that everyone seems to be writing for Google only, rather than for their current audience - something people still seemed to be doing back when I started this blog in 2014. Or maybe travel bloggers never did? Maybe that's just something lifestyle bloggers are very good at?

But isn't blogging dying anyway?

To be honest, I rarely ever read blogs myself. And when I mean "read", I mean reading for pleasure and not "stalking my competition" or searching for information on a certain topic. And when I do, it's lifestyle blogs that I enjoy the most. Lifestyle blogs are where I get inspiration from - not your Buzzfeed-like "10 things to do in (insert place here)" travel blog.

Yes, I understand the importance of SEO and pageviews but who am I kidding? If I'm not reading these kinds of posts myself, why should I be writing them?
Plus, being forced to stay and home and figure out my new life with a chronic illness instead of travelling around as much as I’d like, is also forcing me to rethink the kind of content I not only want but also can produce.

So, I thought about which direction I would like Snow in Tromso to go in the future and this is what I would like to emphasize on going forward:


1. more video content

I watch Youtube videos almost every day (in contrast to reading blogs which I might do once a week or even less), so it seems logical for me to spend more time creating videos myself.

Also, there are so many topics I would like to talk about that just suit a video format much better than a blog post (at least in my opinion) - and I'm not just saying that because I don't like spending an entire day in front of a computer screen and because I find editing a video much faster and easier than creating a blog post with all that entails (proof-reading, editing pictures, optimizing for SEO - you get the gist).

2. more lifestyle content

Since being diagnosed with an IBD, I haven't gone on a single trip - and neither have I wanted to. Don't worry, this blog won't go from being heavily travel-focused to being heavily lifestyle-focused - me not going anywhere doesn't mean that I don't still have plenty of travel content to share.

However, I feel like one way of blocking out the superficial noise that the majority of the travel blogging industry is for me at the moment, is focusing on creating content that I'd enjoy myself. And for me at the moment, this means writing more about currents events.

I really enjoyed talking about the state of sustainability in Norway in my last video, and would like to discuss more of this with you. I’ve recently asked you on Instagram what you’d like to know about the Norwegian society, and the answers I got ranged from “Is Tesla really a thing?” to “What’s up with whaling?”.

I’d love to write about and discuss topics like these with you, and I also feel like this is a much more meaningful content than any city guide I ever write could be. And that is exactly what I’m looking for!

3. creating a community

I was ranting about blogging on Instagram a while ago and someone told me how they were fed up by bloggers as most of them just don't seem relatable anymore - and it struck a chord with me! I feel the same way about many bloggers myself, but then again, I don't think that I'm very relatable either. I mean, how I could I be? Moving to the Arctic isn't exactly the most relatable thing to do, is it?

Anyway, while I was taking a blogging break this summer, I started sharing content from others on my IG stories - just posts that I found very informative and helpful which I wanted you to know about.

And it got me thinking: Why not start a hashtag under which people can share their knowledge of the Nordics? I can see how genuinely helpful people are in our Scandinavia and Nordics Travel FB group, so why not create a similar community on IG?

With all these goals in mind, I started thinking about a way to implement all of this (or at least some of this) and the idea to #nordicinsider was born. Basically, I think anyone with an interest in the Nordic countries and anyone who’s ever travelled the region is a “Nordic insider” as we all have made individual experiences and thus, have individual recommendations to share with others.

I've decided to start a newsletter-like series on my blog in which I'd like to discuss any Nordic issues that I feel strongly about at the moment, share some of your best tips and advice from the #nordicinsider on IG, but also share anything that's inspired me lately, in the hope that it'll do the same for you.

I want it to be entertaining but also informative. Basically, I want to create something with meaning, that sticks out of the mass of plain air that so many blog posts I stumble upon are.

And I want you to contribute to it!

Whether that's by using the hashtag on Instagram to share any travel tips and/or hidden gems of the Nordics, or by discussing a certain topic with me and others in the comment section.

Plus, if you have something you'd like to share with others - this is the place! If you've stumbled upon something that's inspired you lately or maybe you've created something yourself that you're really proud of, send it my way and I might include it in one of my posts!

Is there anything you’re dying to discuss with other Nordic Insiders? And what kind of content would you like to see more of on Snow in Tromso?

Let me know below!