Dreaming about Ruska in Finland

Is autumn in full swing where you live? I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the lack of daylight and bad weather that come with autumn in Norway but I’m absolutely in love with the colours of this season!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long here in Stavanger. Either the leaves are blown away in a storm quite quickly or they start to rot almost immediately after falling to the ground as it rains so much here.

There seems to be one place in the Nordics that does a proper Indian Summer, though: Finland! Or rather, Finnish Lapland!

Ruska in Finland

Finns call this time of year “ruska” and apparently the word stems from the Northern Sami word “ruškat”. For a country that to 75% is covered by trees, it doesn’t surprise me that the Finnish language has its own word for the best period of autumn!

Ruska is a bit like the Northern Lights, in that is is very difficult to predict when the colours will appear exactly and the peak season also only lasts for about 2 weeks - but apparently, mid- to late September is the best time to visit the country if you’d like to experience Ruska.

For that, you should also head north, if possible. The national parks of Lapland like Oulanka in Ruka-Kuusamo, apparently give you the chance to see the most intense colours and, of course, it helps to be far away from the next city and really head deep into the wild to experience this autumn magic!

Ruska at its best

I was unfortunately not able to re-visit Finland to experience Ruska myself, so I’ve been dreaming about Ruska lately with a little help of Instagram. These are the images that really convinced me to try and make an autumn trip to Finnish Lapland happen next year:

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📍Ylläs, Finland

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In the mist

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