5 Common Myths about the Northern Lights - busted!

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It’s prime Northern Lights season at the moment and it seems like every provider of Northern Lights safaris throughout Northern Norway, Swedish and Finnish Lapland, as well as Iceland, says that their destination is the best one to watch the Northern Lights – for so many different, not always actually entirely true, reasons.

Thus, I thought I’d talk about some common Northern Lights myths I’ve encountered recently with you in this video!

EDIT: Only Kiruna has a mine, Narvik doesn’t. The latter, however, is connected to the iron ore business in Kiruna by railway as the iron ore is transported to Narvik for further transportation via ships. That’s what I meant but stupidly didn’t say like that, sorry!

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Here are also some of the articles I mentioned in the video that will hopefully help you out:

As I said, feel free to leave a comment with any and all of your questions about the Northern Lights below! Thanks for watching!


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