Guidebook to Tromsø

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Guidebook to Tromsø


3RD EDITION AS OF SEPTEMBER 2019: 120 NOK = £11/12€/$13

The first and only complete and independent guide to Tromsø. No fluff or sponsored mentions. This ebook just contains all you need to know for your trip to Tromsø in one place!

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*Third edition as of September 2019*

This ebook contains all you need for your visit to Tromsø on 80 pages – from tips for places to stay, places to eat and places to see, to itineraries and special tips for the budget traveller, the Northern Lights hunter or families. Responsive layout so that you can bring the guide on your phone, tablet or PC, as well as lots of images of the city for your inspiration!


 What others say about the guide:

"This is the most useful guidebook I have ever read before going away anywhere! So many guides presume you either have an unlimited budget or a car to get around wherever you want, so it's really helpful to have this split into sections to suit every budget and with notes on how to reach places by public transport where possible. I feel like we will definitely save money on our trip now we know how to get around to the more hidden places of Tromso without paying for a tour. The tips on where to eat are also very helpful and we definitely have a lot more on our list of 'must visit' places having read this guide - before I was wondering how we would fill 5 days in Tromso without spending hundreds on tours but now I'm wondering how we will fit it all in! I would definitely recommend this guide to anybody like me that likes to go away with lots of plans for things to do when they get there, and likes insiders tips on hidden gems and where the locals go." - Feedback by Nicola from the UK

"I'll probably get lots of questions from friends and family on what to do in Tromsø when I get back and I will definitely recommend your blog and guidebook to them. Thanks for all the tips - they and you are golden!" 
- Feedback by Micke from Sweden


What's in the guidebook?

The ebook contains the following chapters on 80 pages:

  1. Introduction

  2. Accommodation

  3. Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

  4. Top Sights & Activities

  5. Hidden Gems

  6. Hiking Trails

  7. Troms Region

  8. Budget Tips

  9. Family Travel

  10. Northern Lights

  11. 24 Hour Itinerary

  12. What to Pack

  13. Practical Information

  14. Basic Norwegian

  15. Public Transport

  16. Road Safety

  17. Frequently Asked Questions

  18. Disclaimer

 - Bonus: Exclusive interactive map with my best-kept secrets, access to my Nordic Resource Library, and a coupon to make sure you'll save a few bucks!


Have a look inside:


Who are you to sell a guidebook to Tromsø?

My name is Vanessa and I'm a German expat who's lived in Norway for over 5 years - 3 of which I spent in Tromsø where I lived as a student and tour guide. During that time I had plenty of time to explore the city (on a budget!) and thanks to my training as a local tour guide, I know all the little things that no one else will tell you!



Important information about payment and download:

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay or PayPal. You have to leave your email address in order to get an order confirmation and the link to download the ebook. This link will only be valid for 24 hours. Please check your spam folder if you haven't received the link within one hour after purchase! Your personal information is safe with me and won't be handed over to any third parties. 

Please note: The ebook comes in a standard, compressed PDF format, so that you can easily save it to your phone - a Kindle version is not available.
The ebook does not contain any advertisement or paid-for mentions, however, it does contain affiliate links enabling me to offer the ebook at the lowest price possible. All affiliate links are clearly marked with an asterisk, so if you don’t want to use them, you don’t have to!
As this is a digital product which can’t be returned once downloaded, the purchase cannot be refunded. This is in accordance with local Norwegian law.

If you have detailed questions that the guidebook doesn't provide an answer for, you can reach out to me at and I'll do my best to help you! The guidebook is updated regularly, however, all information presented is subject to change.

© 2019 VANESSA BRUNE / NO 919318910 MVA

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